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How To Help Your Loved Ones To Overcome Addictions Through Intervention?

bloggingexpert January 18, 2022

Before scheduling the intervention, you will need to select the addiction treatment program support you think will best serve the needs of your loved one and offer the best opportunity for addiction recovery. It may take a couple of weeks, and possibly require an on-site visit to several programs before selecting the right one. Once selected, you will need to make the arrangements in anticipation of a positive response from your loved one, but be sure that you can cancel the admission if the addict refuses. If insurance is going to play a part in the finances, make sure all your work with the insurance company is done before signing up. You will want everything in place before the intervention, including financial arrangements, because if things go well, after the intervention, the addict will take their already-packed bag and head out to the treatment center.

Alright, you have met with the interventionist, you have assembled your team, you have identified and made arrangements with the rehab, and the only thing left is to ask the addict to come to the intervention. You will need to have a point person, someone who will keep things focused in the right direction. Often, the interventionist will be that person, but if not, one of the team members will do it. Be focused on your goal—you have only one objective, and that is to get the addict into treatment. It is not the time to pick a fight, or tell them they have been morally corrupt, you want them to say yes. Be frank, not brutal. You do not want them to misunderstand what it is about. It is about saving their life.

Once you have reached the moment of getting a yes or no, you need to insist on an immediate response. Whether the answer is yes or no, then it is imperative that they leave immediately. A yes gets them to the rehab; a no gives them their walking papers. Holding the intervention in the morning helps make it easier. When they have a chance to leave the intervention and contemplate their answer, they also have a chance to relapse in a big way and change their mind. The sooner they leave, the better for everyone. Have the car gassed up and the treatment center on notice so that staff is available to receive your loved one.

Addiction treatment program support will not be easy. Everyone will be stressed to the max, fearful, and often tearful. It is a very emotional event for everyone involved, including the addict. Remember, from the addict’s perspective, they may see it as an attack, so they may get angry or are most frequently in full denial. Stay focused on your objective; do not let your emotions derail you. You are trying to save a life, and whatever it takes to accomplish your goal, you need to follow through with the plan. Try not to deviate from it. You are doing it out of love, and if successful, you will have a level of pleasure and happiness you will not forget.

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