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How to Help Your Skin Live its Best Life This Summer?

dermagenetic June 18, 2021

The summer season has already entered Greece. The temperature is hot and is expected to get hotter by the end of June. You might have kept all your winter clothes away and started wearing short sleeves clothes to stay comfortable. Not only this, you might have made many other changes to live and pass the summer season peacefully.

But have you made changes in your skincare routine? Have you bought summer cosmetic products online or from stores? If not, then you are missing out on an important thing. Chances are you will spoil your skin this summer if not taken care of on time.

Just like you switch out your sweaters for short sleeves this time of year, you should change your skincare routine and remove heavy moisturizers with sun-sensitizing ingredients products. Also, you should take care of other things for healthy skin in the summer season.

In this post, we will discuss some common questions that people have regarding the summer skincare routine.

Is it necessary to change all the skincare products?

You don’t need to change all the products included in your daily skincare regimen. If the ingredients in the cosmetic products are good for the summer season, you do not need to make any changes. You only need to tweak your routine for better results.

  • Use a cleanser with salicylic acid formulation, which will address the increased sebum production in summer.
  • Use a hydrating and tinted SPF in place of a morning moisturizer. It will reduce the number of makeup products.
  • For oily skin and acne, you should use the green serum in place of an oil-free moisturizer
  • Lessen the frequency of exfoliation if you are using a chemical or physical exfoliator.

Should I moisturize if the temperature is 90 degrees or skin feels like an oil slick?

The skin feels oily because of non-water trapping oils like sebum. But this does not mean your skin is hydrated or moisturized to its recommended level. You shouldn’t get confused between skin hydration levels and skin oil levels. Your skin can be oily as well as dry at the same time. So, you should use hydrating serum or moisturizer. It will maintain good moisture in the summer months and not impact your skin even if it is oily.

How to prevent sunspots or unwanted pigmentation in the summer?

Sunspots and pigmentations are common in the summer season due to constant exposure to sun and heatwaves. As you cannot avoid stepping out of your house, you should prefer daily sun protection and regular exfoliation to minimize these problems.

With regular exfoliation, you will see some fading of dark spots. Also, the spot fading ingredients will penetrate better into living layers of skin after exfoliation. On the other hand, the use of sunscreen will fade dark spots faster and protect blue light. You should reapply after 2 to 3 hours.

Other than these details, you should use quality products for your skincare routine. It’s always advised to consult your dermatologist before placing orders for summer cosmetic products online or buying in stores. The dermatologist will advise skincare products as per your skin type.

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