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How to Impress Your College as an Applicant?

Supriya Gupta September 17, 2021

As a student, while you are processing your application to your dream college everything should be good enough. The parents are always under stress with their children’s grades to get admission to the top college or University. Every college has defined different criteria on which they approve the application of the student.

While students apply for scholarships or Chandigarh university admission colleges have a clear eye on the certifications, sports/ games interests, and hobbies. They want a student that can represent their college as an all-rounder student. So, the application should be progressed in a decent and impressive format.

Multiple small and big elements improve the score and chance for application acceptance. Including the grades, colleges also go through your extracurricular activities, certifications, participants in state-level/ national-level/ international-level, recommendation letters, your performance in different school aspects.

To know more about the impressive factors to make your college application different from other candidates you can consider these points. It will show that you’re actively looking for the desirable institute college University.

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5 impressive ways will make your college application different

  • Engagement in the Campus community

If you are clueless about the campus activities and community involvement it will not help students as well as college. If you will not take interest in any of the tasks, internships, seminars it is not worth it at all. Colleges love to approve admission applications that have leadership skills, team members, art, technical or technology interest, sports, etc. How a student can contribute to college individually.

  • Student’s Character

When you apply for any university or college they ask for your school transfer certificate or character certificate. It is one of the mandatory documents submitted at the time of admission. It helps to know college professors about your behavior and personality. Many colleges include an additional text area for the applicants to add on their past skills, appreciation, certification to showcase resilience, empathy, and other characteristics. It makes a shining impact on your personality.

  • Financial Background

When you are filling out the application form, many colleges and universities ask for information on financial considerations. Students have to fill in their parents’ educational status, & financial status too. College & universities have scholarship opportunities for the students but some of them are available with financial constraints. Writing about the financial resources makes a big difference on the application form.

Many top universities have the mind to approve the students’ applications that have strong financial backgrounds as it is aligning with their standards. They think that the student with low finance is not a great fit for their college/ University. Also, the student may have to face a financial burden and the college also can’t offer them any scholarship to pursue the course so it’s better to reject the application.

  • Campus Academic Pressure

Your grades and certificate dictate your academic, sports, and other activities appreciation. How well-focused you are to achieve your goals and accomplishments depending on your abilities and knowledge. It also lets the college know how engaged you are in the campus activities, assessments, and other college tasks. Have you ever secured any special top position during all the tasks and responsibilities?

If you are active enough to represent your college in competitions, college events or can handle the responsibilities of academic interest, co-curricular activities.

Are you flexible enough to handle the pressure of the campus environment, standards, academic schedule, events, or activities hosted by the University/ College?

  • Attendance Status

Different Universities and Colleges have a definite no. of seats available for the students in different categories. The number of seats and the no. of applicants are unmatched. It often happens that students send the application to more than one college that makes a great match with their career objectives and goals.

Colleges evaluate the student’s interest and activity status whether the student will be regular in campus activities or attend the classes frequently. If the colleges don’t find the student with the relevant characteristics the application gets rejected.

Colleges do not accept the direct admission application in bulk as it will be unfair with other students that have qualified for the entrance exams or other tests organized by the colleges/ Universities/ State and National educational authorities.

They accept the application if the students are good at academics, present in the lectures, virtual events, seminars, competitions, or have a specific interest or achievements across all their academic life.

Student’s activity on social media platforms also tells about their interest. If they are following the top colleges, education groups, pages, events, virtual activities, or not.

Any student applying for graphic era admission in any college or university should have good grades but their social presence, active participation, interest in featuring activities and events, attendance, positive interactions with the college faculties, or associated contacts, financial position background, strengths, and weaknesses impact on their application approval.

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