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How To Learn About Instagram In One Post

Walterrichards October 28, 2020

Instagram has now become part of the routine in everyone’s life. The photo and video-sharing app have users from almost all generations. Using this link you can download videos from instagram. It lets you follow your interests and other users, say your friends or celebrities that inspire you. 

1. Instagram Post

The most exciting thing about Instagram is posts. You have a variety of genres to choose from. Once you get an account and open the app for sharing a post, tap on the plus sign that you see on the bottom of your screen in the middle of the tab with four other options. You get to select the videos or pictures you wish to post. 

You also get to choose to shoot at this point. Next is cropping the image if you want to. It also lets you post various photos or videos at a time, called the carousel post. The carousel post is limited to 10 photos and videos with just a single filter for all of them. 

Select the filter. Type in your caption. Use hashtags. Tag your friends. You can also add a location. And finally, you’re done. Share the post. In addition to that, you can edit your post. Like or comment on the posts, share or bookmark them.

You will be able to see the posts from users you follow or if the account is public. For a private account, you first need to send a follow request to the user, and after the acceptance of it will let you see the posts on the same private account. 

The three horizontal dots available on the top right of a post let you have ease at managing each post individually. 

These let you post to other apps, copy the same link, share the post, archive them, delete and edit them, or turn off comments for that individual post. The posts that you archive get hidden from your profile to other users. 

You can unarchive your precious posts anytime. This won’t result in decreasing or deleting any likes or comments on the post. In the profile setting, you can see all the archived posts. And also the posts you’ve liked so far, even from other users. 

2. Instagram Story

The next best thing about Instagram is stories. Click on the camera icon on the top left side of your device’s screen. You can share multiple pictures and videos in your Instagram story. Once selected or captured. Click on your story. 

Now you have many options to make your story attractive. Add text, GIF, or stickers. Show your creativity here. Tag your friends and add locations. Select next and share your story on Instagram.

You also have the option to post stories privately that only your friends you add to a private list can see. Private stories appear with a green circle. The stories you post can also be added to highlights that you see on your profile. The stories directly go to the archive, where you can see every story you uploaded since the first day. 

3. Explore

The next most exciting thing about Instagram is the explore option. You see the ‘explore’ on the bottom tab on your screen. Click on the icon similar to a magnifying glass called ‘Explore.’ You find various photos and videos from other users and accounts. The feed gets customized with every search or accounts you may follow. 

4. Messaging

Connecting with your friends in today’s world has become so crucial. The Instagram messenger lets you communicate with people. You can send direct messages to the people you follow and people who follow you. 

The messages sent by the people who you do not follow asks you to accept the message request. Once you accept the message request, you can communicate without any interruption. And once you deny the request, you won’t get any other messages from the same account to another message. 

The messages you do read are marked as seen. You can also delete the sent message, share media. Till you do not accept or deny the message request, the message is marked as unseen. 

5. Home Or feed

The home icon on the left of the bottom tab lets you see the posts from the users you follow. That’s the main area of Instagram, which lets you see your feed and enjoy it. It is where you can spend hours watching, liking, and bookmarking videos or photos

6. In the Profile

When you visit a user’s profile, you first see their name, profile picture, bio, highlights, if any. If there are posts from that user, you’ll have the option to see them in two different layouts. One is the grid layout, and the other is the continuous layout. And the third option is to see any posts that the user is tagged in, in a sorted grid layout. 

7. Other Features

You can also link your other accounts with Instagram. Or turn your basic Instagram account into a business account. The settings provide a lot of customization options. Edit everything according to your needs. The other feature that Instagram offers is facebook pay, Instagram shop, IGTV, live shopping option, and much more. Instagram also helps you earn a living and showcase your talents to the world.

Instagram is a vast world in a world that seems so small. Update your profile with a display picture and bio to give your account a personalized touch. Instagram is a great platform for creators and influencers. The best way to learn using Instagram completely is by exploring it yourself.

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