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How to Learn Playing Basketball?

Stephan321 September 25, 2019

Basketball is a competitive and popular sport played all over the world. It involves two teams of five players each. To score points, players have to score baskets in the opposition half. It is a physical game, and generally tall and robust people play this sport.

The game is not difficult to understand. One can quickly learn and begin to play basketball. The following things should be practiced to become a good basketball player.

Warm-up is essential

It is vital to warm up before playing basketball. It will help you to improve your performance and play efficiently. The main thing is warming up will reduce the risk of injury. It is vital as basketball is a swift sport, and it is easy to injure yourself while playing. Warming up will increase your heart rate and make you drilled and ready for playing.

A proper kit is required

Although you don’t need much for playing basketball, a nice pair of shoes is essential. As basketball involves a lot of running and jumping, it is easy to injure your ankle if you’re not using a good pair of shoes. You should opt for a shoe that gives excellent support to your ankles and prevents them from twisting. You should choose the shoe according to your style of play and positioning.

Proper physical fitness and shape 

As basketball is a physically demanding sport, you need to be in an excellent mental and physical state to play. You need to work on your stamina and quicken your response time. It will improve your game and help you to avoid injuries. Running and proper warm-up exercises are very important before playing. 

Regular practice and training is a must

Nothing can defeat consistent practice and hard work. You need to work on your dribbling, shooting, and other skills regularly. Always be dedicated to training and work to improve your game. If the fundamentals of your game are right, you won’t face any problems competing. They are essential for the development of your game. 

How to Learn Playing Basketball?


Your dribbling should be excellent if you want to handle the ball effectively and help your team. Dribbling is a fundamental skill, but it is crucial for the game of basketball. You cannot become a good player if you can’t dribble the ball properly. Also, you need to work on your dribbling skills with your weaker hand. Keep training until you can dribble the ball correctly with both of your hands. It is vital to keep your head up while dribbling so that you can see the floor. 

Never dribble too hard or fast

Always keep your knees bent, back straight and head up while dribbling. A common mistake is dribbling the ball too hard on the floor, which will not let you control the ball. It is always good to dribble gently, just above the knee height and stay in control of the ball at all times. 


Shooting is one of the most critical skills in basketball. You cannot be a successful basketball player if you cannot shoot in the basketball hoop accurately. You should practice shooting every day from a range of different positions. Analyze what’s your best shooting range is and perfect your shot from there. It is good to have an excellent follow-through after shooting. Also always focus your eyes on the basket while shooting or you may miss your shot. 


Just like shooting, jumping is an essential skill in the sport of basketball. It is significant for blocking shots, collecting rebounds and for playing good defense. You can develop your jump by jumping vertically. It will strengthen your overall game and also help to increase your height. Basketball players usually jump very high. 

Work on your passing

Basketball is a team game, and one person cannot alone win the game. The team needs to play with coordination and technique. It is vital to be efficient in passing the ball. If your passing is right, you can play better with your teammates. It is essential to work every day on your team passing. 

Always listen to your coach and senior players

Your coach is essential to help you develop your game and make you reach the next level. He will lead you and your team in the right direction. Moreover, a coach will help you in understanding the movement, offensive, and defensive tactics of the game. You should also follow professional players if you want to improve your overall game. 

Final Words

These are some tips to learn playing basketball. Never forget to play by the rules. You can never be a good player if you don’t follow the laws of the game. Make sure that you are thorough with all the rules and regulations of the game. There are many fouls and violations in basketball. Know about them, so you don’t commit fouls while playing. Follow these steps, and you will surely become a good basketball player.

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