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How to Maintain Your Car to Last Many Years

Stephan321 September 25, 2019

Everyone wants maximum utilization from their car. They want to keep it in a good and working condition for a long time or until one can buy a new car with better design and features.

Many car drivers don’t take the proper steps to get the most out of their vehicles and increase their life period. They face serious technical problems which could have been eliminated with some basic service and maintenance.

The major problem is the apparent human tendency to save money and time, but some maintenance and preventive service pay off in the long-term future of the car. The following measures have been highly effective in promoting good car health.

Go through the owner’s manual thoroughly

The car owner’s manual is full of your car’s specific model information about the vehicle you drive. What kind of fuel suits your car the best? Other essential facts and figures about the car and its features are there in the manual. Be sure to read the manual carefully and take your decisions according to it.

Check your tire pressure

How to Maintain Your Car to Last Many Years

Tires which are not adequately inflated will wear out faster than properly inflated tires. Weak tire pressure will also affect the mileage of your car. You also have to make sure tires are not overinflated as you can risk blowing your tire, which can be very dangerous. It’s good to keep a regular check on your tires and inflate them according to the manufacturer’ specifications.

Change the engine oil

The owner’s manual will tell you how often you should change your engine oil. It ultimately depends on the model and company of your vehicle. Cars usually require an oil change after six months, but it can vary according to your style of driving and driving conditions. It is good to check the oil regularly to get to know about any problems like an oil leakage which will deplete the oil level and can cause some severe issues.

Keep good driving habits

If you want to reduce wear and tear to your car’s parts, you need to practice good driving habits. You should slow down when approaching speed breakers and refrain from excessive speeding. The vehicle and its components and body will experience more wear at a higher speed. It will also reduce the risk of road accidents.

Change your engine’s air filter

The maintenance schedule of the air filter depends on the make and model of your vehicle. You can find it in the owner’s manual of the car. If you frequently drive in harsh conditions or broken and dirt-covered roads, your air filter will get clogged up, and you will have to replace it soon.

Fill up the engine coolant

Coolant is the fluid which helps in keeping your engine from burning because of excessive heat while driving. It’s essential and should not be ignored ever. You need always to keep a check for leakage of coolant which can slowly drain it, which may lead the temperature to rise too much. Always check under the car to see if there are any fluids leaking. Take quick and proper action if there is any leakage.

Check your battery

A car battery which is dead can be a very problematic and troublesome situation for anyone. Many automobile shops offer battery testing at a meager price. This is an excellent way to keep a check on your battery or else someday your car’s battery may be dead. Usually car batteries are changed in around 4 or 5 years. So, keep a regular eye on the battery so that it doesn’t give any problems to you. 

Look at the brakes

It is essential to regularly get your brakes examined if you want to prevent accidents and have a safe drive. Remove the wheels and adequately check the braking system. Remove excessively worn brake pads or lining and have poorly scored drums replaced. The brakes should at least be checked twice or thrice per year for proper functioning and maintenance of your car.

Clean car roof lining

The roof lining gets dirty over time. Don’t use rough brushes or vacuum cleaners as the roof lining is made up of delicate fiber and may be damaged by tough use. Take a microfiber cloth and gently rub the roof lining with it without getting vigorous. You will need to use a cleaning spray. There are many available in the car accessory market, or you can get it online. Pick the spray which is compatible with your car’s roof lining. You can also hire a professional service like car roof lining repair Gold Coast to clean the headliner.


The above measures and precautions will surely increase the lifetime of your car, and you won’t have to get it repaired again and again. It will also give a clean and sophisticated look to your vehicle. Be sure to follow these car maintenance tips and extract the best performance your car can provide.

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