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How To Make The Perfect Homepage For Your Website

rebeccarogers11 October 19, 2020


Imagine going for an interview in the morning without showering or brushing your hair and then wondering why you didn’t land the job? Similarly, your website’s homepage is the first thing a potential visitor/customer comes across, and their decision to go further is entirely dependent on how you portray it. A careless and cluttered homepage reduces your viewership more than you think it does. 

Think of a homepage as a practical way of presenting yourself to the world and telling them how you are different. All the things that you do, including the minor details, affect your prospective business or viewership. It is all about looking approachable, and nothing says approachable more than simple and easy. 

Make It Appealing

Appearances are deceptive. Not in this case! In today’s world, where people have little to no time and patience, a functional and appealing homepage matters greatly. When designing a website, the first thing most people think about is aesthetics. While your homepage should be aesthetically pleasing, it should not be all that it is. 

It is effortless to come off unprofessional as most of the efforts and focus are only put into this one aspect. Now I know you might be tempted to use all the colors and images in the world but hold on! The trick is to keep it simple and pleasant rather than very tacky and incredibly intense. The color palettes that you use should blend well together, and the images should be of a high resolution. 

Simplicity Is Key

Many websites use a tremendous amount of animation upfront with the idea that it looks very appealing. This makes up for a terrible first impression and a massive drop in viewership. One thing to remember is that all your aesthetics should match your brand and content. You don’t want a picture of puppies promoting beauty products. 

Explore Your Creativity

Having an excellent online presence is all about being able to grab your customer’s attention. Coming up with creative taglines and short slogans is an exciting way to grab your visitor’s attention and maintain an engaging and pleasant interface. Most websites of leading brands usually have a very gripping handle, which makes you want to know more about it. McDonald’s site reads “Free Fries for Fry-day,” which makes you want to grab some. 

The internet is flooding with new websites every day, and you need to make sure your content is original and trustworthy. Social proof should be an essential part of your homepage as it establishes you as a reliable authority. Cite multiple sources backing the information you put up and be a hundred percent original and unique with your content. Nobody likes a rip-off.

Keep It Organized

It would be best if you made life easier for your customers and unorganized, unsystematic are the last thing your homepage needs to be. It should clearly state the website’s purpose and accordingly present all options available. 

All the characteristics unique to your brand or work should be displayed upfront for people to see and like. Your homepage should be very content-oriented and focus on things that are the most valuable and essential to the product/brand. Don’t flood your website with all the information you have. This might overwhelm your viewers.

Less Ads, More Quality

Have you ever gone through a hundred irritating advertisements before watching a movie? Only a good experience will make your customers want to come back for more! Find out more about making a website using tools from here. A well-formatted and easily accessible homepage is of the utmost importance. Different screens often tend to change the original layout of a site. 

Available On All Platforms

Your website should be accustomed to all filters and should function well on the phone as well as a laptop. Nobody wants to spend hours before getting what they want. It would help if you made your website easily accessible by paying particular attention to navigation. 

Use Short Keywords

Use minimal and precise words for your CTA’s (Call to actions) and place them in a visible and easily accessible area. You don’t want your viewers to get lost in ‘home’ itself. Everyone needs a little help. Set up a suitable communication medium on the homepage between you and your customers. 

Getting stuck in between things can be very frustrating and could potentially lead to a loss in clientele. An excellent messaging interface will not only guide your customers through different options but would also establish a good and healthy relationship for more prospective businesses. 

Refrain From Major Changes 

Mixing things up is always exciting, but nobody likes too much change. Your customers must know what is new and different. Be consistent in updating your offers and options, but don’t go overboard with it. 

Want to use all the fancy words, you know? Don’t. You must use words and phrases that people are well versed with because it is what they are going to put in the search engines. Using complicated and long terms can make you come off a little pretentious and rude as your viewers might not understand them. 

If some of your content is very technical or hard to interpret, make sure your readers can comprehend and understand it entirely by using easy words. Additionally, your homepage should not have any grammatical blunders and wrong spellings. This has a very unsound effect on your viewers.


You can render good business and viewership by a careful portrayal of yourself and your content through your homepage. A cautious approach to creating one can treat you with a great outcome and validate all your efforts and good ideas. 

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