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How to Make Your Morning Coffee Healthier

DavidBishop June 7, 2017

Any nutritionist worth their salt will encourage their clients not to overdo it with caffeine. While it’s not necessarily bad for you, it’s one of those stimulants that definitely requires strict moderation as it can cause the rapid excretion of vital vitamins and minerals, and boosts your craving for sugar.

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, that’s perfectly fine. If taken wisely, coffee can even have health benefits. But rather than drink it to your heart’s content, try to embrace both the drink itself and the culture surrounding it.

Need some inspiration? These tips will help you make your morning coffee healthier.

Ditch the Sugar

This is the most important element of healthier coffee drinking. Many coffee drinkers can’t stand the taste without a sweetener. If you’re one of these, just ditch the sugar and wait until your palette becomes attuned to the taste. If going cold turkey is too much of a stretch, try adding cream or coconut oil instead. This will help you wean off the refined rubbish.

Use Whole Beans

Coffee beans will start to break down when their inner contents are exposed to oxygen. Just think about what would happen if you cut open a piece of fruit? Coffee beans are no different. Anti-oxidants will start to oxidize straight after grinding. Therefore, the sooner you drink the “healthier” it will be, so don’t let grinded beans fester for too long.

Only Have One Cup a Day

One cup of proper coffee – not a mega-grande from Costa topped with cream, marshmallows and syrup. Some people can’t seem to function without coffee and drink 5-10 cups per day. It’s never good to have too much of anything. If you are a bit of an addict, start cutting down, one cup at a time. Alternatively, drink the same amount of coffee, but with reduced caffeine instead.

Drink After a Meal

Most people prefer to drink their coffee after breakfast. But whatever time you choose to get your fill, make sure you have it after eating. Caffeine causes your body to release sugar into your bloodstream. When you have an empty stomach this will boost your cravings for sugar. The result… you will naturally gravitate towards junk food. Having something already in your stomach will keep cravings in check.

Enjoy it!

Okay, okay, this may not technically make your morning coffee healthier; however, coffee is a treat, and should be treated as a treat. If you’re going to drink it, brew it well, take your time, and cherish every moment it’s on your taste buds. Consider using Italian coffee machine brands (they truly are the masters), high quality beans and a nice mug to drink it in. Embrace all the goodness it has to offer, both physically and psychologically.

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