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How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Long-Term Lead Generation

f5buddy March 25, 2021

In your website, your landing pages are very important. They usually appear after a particular promotional URL, online ad, email link, or a search result. In case of WordPress development, it is importantto understand the essence of landing page. Your traffic and your conversion rate both can be increased if you optimize the landing pages wisely. They play a major role in the success of any online campaign. When a landing page is built rightly, it can be helpful in growing a company’s sales. 

What is a Landing page?

A landing page is the first page on which the visitors arrive. These can be visitors who come from different sources like search engines or social media. While WordPress Website SEO is done, it is essential to optimise landing pages. This page is an important page which will be listed on the sources like URL, online ad, email link, or a search results. When users will click a link from any of these sources, he will land to a landing page of your website.

Difference between homepage and landing page:

Definitely landing page is important but do not confuse yourself by thinking that a landing page and a homepage have no difference. A homepage is the website’s front page and will be seen by the users when the domain name is entered in the browser while a landing page is an autonomous page, where the visitors mostly come from third-party sources.

Visitors to your website are invited to browse all pages, browse products, or log in via a homepage. Homepage offers more connections and more choices for users. At the same time, a landing page is constructed for conversion and is designed for users to decide on purchases. Usually, only one homepage can be there on a website, whereas there can be various landing pages on a website. One can create landing as per their different campaigns.

How to optimize a landing page?

Landing page optimization refers to the method by which each feature of landing page is optimised and improved for getting visitors online. When such pages are well optimised, they can ensure better conversions. There are several WordPress SEO tools which helps you optimise your landing page for search engines.

The process of landing page optimisation may include the following:

  • Improving user experience,
  • Removing distractions,
  • Providing clear call for action,
  • Enhancing the usability of your site,
  • Working on URL Structure of landing page.

Below are a few steps to optimise your Landing Page:

  1. Understand your users/visitors – When it is about optimising your website’s landing page, it is important to understand your visitors.Understanding your customer doesn’t mean you have to know their personal aspects, this implies you have to understand the kind of people who are coming to visit your landing pages. The only way you can design fully optimized landing page is by knowing the existing customers as well as new customers. When your website is build with WordPress CMS development, it is easy to find who your actual visitors are. This is simple process which is essential to be formulated for successful landing page optimisation. Creating a demographics list for this type of target market would be the easiest way to do so. You can also create customer personas which will allow you to better understand your customers. You can attract your customers to your website only if you understand them and their needs properly.
  2. Post appropriate and truthful content – In an online world, content on your website is equally essential. In SEO world, content is king. On a landing page, content should be interesting as it will drive many users. It is important to post relevant content on your web page. Staying engaged with your prospective customers is easy with content and takes you one step closer to turning your leads. Information that is published by the company on its landing page should be reliable. Furthermore, make sure that the content related to your product should be seen first and then the contents that are least related or not at all related to the product. WordPress SEO helps you include only appropriate content that can help rank landing pages in search engines.      
  3. Line up your content and your photos – Images when put in the right place, attract visitors to the website. It is true that fascinating pictures helps obtain better leads on your website and therefore more sales. Also, don’t forget that there should be a balance between pictures and content. Pictures alone won’t help. Interesting and reliable content with perfect pictures is the key to win in online world. With an open-source CMS like wordpress, it is easy to line up photos and content on landing page.
  4. Website’s layout should be User-friendly – There is a common phrase: “Too much of a good thing is bad”. The same goes when talking about optimizing a landing page. Too many pictures, too much content, or too much creativity will confuse your users and they may lose their interest. This will surely hamper the sites loading speed as well. WordPress Speed Optimization is another important factor to take care while you need to design a user friendly landing page. Make sure your customer doesn’t face any difficulty when surfing through the website.
  5. Ensure that it takes less time to load – Loading time is very significant on landing page because this decides the bounce rate of your website. Make sure your landing pages load as soon as possible as this may keep your users for long. Make sure to check your Website Speed Optimization. Ensure that your landing pages do not have many videos and photos in them. Also, you can reduce the size of such features accordingly to manage its load time.  

When landing page is well optimised, it will gain proper ranking in search engines. This will help boost conversion rates, maximize return on investment and building visitors’ trust and confidence. A WordPress Developer can help optimise your landing page for long term lead generation online.

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