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How to Preserve Your Family Memories

Ariel January 22, 2015

Many movies deal with the idea of memories and the possibility of erasing them. Almost every one of them ends with the point that those memories are what makes us who we are and therefore, they are precious. Your time with your family is also precious but it doesn’t last forever, unfortunately. Therefore, it is important to preserve the memories in the best possible way. Here are some of the creative ways on how to do it.


Did you know that there are entire thrift shops that are dedicated to scrapbooking and that you can find absolutely anything that you want and think of for your scrapbook? You can fill it with locks of hair, first cinema tickets, photos, verses, your quotes and many other things that will compile into the book of memories and memorabilia.

Memories 1


Today, you can find two types of journals, the hardcopy ones and the online ones. Both of these have their magic. To make them, you don’t have to write endless essays. It is enough to write a sentence or two about some ordinary everyday stuff that will be more than fun to read. These everyday things that can even be written in a form of letter to your kids can be amazingly dear to them once they grow up. Especially if the part of those entries start before they were born and continue during their early childhood.


Family Memories 2

Just take tons of them. Take them on special occasions and on everyday occasions. Take your camera out there and take it with you. You can never know which of them will become family treasure and which will be meaningful to somebody. Therefore, don’t save on time and snapshots, especially today when you have virtually unlimited ways of storing and manipulating those photos.


It has never been easier to make videos and to take them all the time. Every smartphone is now a camera that can take videos. All the first steps, first recitals in school and all the things that you want to keep on track, you can now save for the future in the form of videos. They can even be cut, edited and made into amazing video collages that can be shown for special occasions.

Time Capsules

This is very fun and very hands down activity that makes you really think about your life. Creating a time capsule and placing all those things inside puts many things into perspective. This is a very fun activity for kids and digging it up is also something that many people enjoy doing. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to build a time capsule, but you need to give people a couple of days to think about the things they want to put inside.


There are many things that can be turned into the memorable accessories that remind you of all the lovely things that you want to remember. For example, you can make a coffee mug with your favorite photo printed on it. Also, there are many other things that can be done in the same way. For example, nothing will clear the cloudy sky better than a custom printed umbrella that has the photo of your loved one on it. These are all easily made and ordered and they are worth a million in memories.

Preserving memories is important. However, preserving them in these creative and thoughtful ways doesn’t only carry the facts about the past times to the future, but also the emotions and the little bit of personality of the people who create those memories.

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