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How to Renew Your Old Industrial Floors with Polishing and Resurfacing

gpsconcretepolishing October 15, 2021

Old buildings and industrial spaces have an otherworldly charm of their own, but they can be challenging to maintain over time. One of the most pressing challenges of these buildings is to keep the floor in good shape.

Old properties most relied on wood for flooring or a cement coating over a dirt floor. The best way of renewing these floors is to opt for concrete flooring instead.

Concrete ages well, and its natural grains and color go well with the character of these properties. On the other hand, its durability will make them stand the test of time in the distant future. You can achieve the best results with the help of concrete polishing in Orlando. Here is how

Understanding the Grinder
The grinders are the principal component of concrete flooring. Once the concrete is spread on the ground, the grinders are used to polish them until you have achieved the desired level of sheen.

While new buildings are built to bear the power of these grinders, old industrial properties- especially the ones that might have been abandoned at some point- are a different matter altogether.

You need to consult experts from Orlando concrete floor repair & maintenance services to understand how the old floor can be turned into something more interesting with concrete flooring. Since industrial buildings are usually large, you need more than one single-disc grinder to do the job.

Selection of Diamond Tools
The diamond tools are the key to getting the kind of finish you want for your industrial building. Grinders can remove old surfaces and prepare the floor surface for new treatment while the diamond tools polish them to perfection.

However, you might not know which tools are the best ones for polishing, and enrolling the help of concrete floor repair and resurfacing in Orlando, FL, is the best idea. The experts will determine which kind of diamond tools would go best with the grinder used for the project.

If the grinder is too heavy, the diamond tool will rub more aggressively against the floor, and it is never a good idea with old properties. The experts will help achieve the right balance as floors with epoxy coating would need a gentler and softly bonded metal tool.

Choosing a Vacuum System
Grinders and diamond tools can generate a lot of debris during the polishing process, and it is essential to remove the debris from the premises quickly and efficiently.

Try to choose concrete floor polishing companies which use efficient vacuum systems to collect the dust and debris generated during the process. It results in a cleaner workspace, and the resultant sludge is removed with the help of EPA-approved methods of waste removal.

Experts use tools like the ‘Slurry Monster’ system, designed to remove this kind of industrial debris, making your project environment friendly. The vacuum system can filter the finest of dust particles, and at times a combination of both wet and dry vacuuming methods are used for the process.

Although dry grinding generates more heat, wet grinding requires more clean-up time, and the experts will decide which method is suitable for your project.

Sealants and Coating
After the grinding and polishing process, epoxy coating is applied to the concrete floor for maximum resistance against the elements of weather and other industrial hazards. Epoxy coating can increase the lifespan of your concrete floors, and it would last for decades more, adding several years of life to your erstwhile old industrial space.

Applying the sealant can be a time-consuming process, and you need experts for this very crucial stage. You can choose concrete floors in many colors and patterns, and the epoxy coating ensures that the floor is resistant to dust, germs, and scratches.

The sealant locks the sheen in place and what you get is exceptionally durable and stylish flooring that will give you an excellent return on investment in the long run.
Refurbishing an old industrial space will come to the aid of the community. With concrete polishing in Orlando, you can transform an old industrial space into a new one and make it functional yet again.

The natural textures and grains of concrete will be in sync with the overall ambience of the space and, with time, will add depth and maturity to the location. With concrete floors, you will have one less thing to worry about in your transformed industrial space.

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