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How to Secure Your Home: 5 Tips to Prevent Break-Ins and Theft

claraparker November 23, 2021

While moving into a new home is exciting, putting safety measures in place to keep it secure and getting started with home security systems or devices may be daunting. The good news is that every year, burglary becomes less prevalent. Despite the declining rates, FBI statistics reveal that a burglary occurs every 30 seconds in the Australia.

To assist you with your home security checklist, we’ve put up a simple list of the 10 greatest — and most economical — measures you can take to safeguard your house and repel would-be attackers.

Think someone’s trying to break into your home? There are a number of things you can do to prevent those from happening, from installing a home security system to adding motion detectors. Our advice is simple, make sure your house is as locked down as possible for maximum protection. In addition, below are some other tips on how to secure your property and stay safe.

Tip 1: Install motion sensors

One of the easiest ways to combat potential burglars in your home is by installing motion sensors in key areas around the house. There are a number of different security solutions available, including those that you install yourself as part of a DIY security system.

Motion sensors come in many different shapes and sizes, and you can also go for those that detect sound as well as movement. They’re typically connected to a central control panel or hub, which will let you know when a door or window has been opened or if someone is moving around the house.

Tip 2: Ask local law enforcement for advice

Local police departments can offer great advice on how to secure your home, from installing alarms to fitting locks on your doors and windows. Ask them what crime is common in your area and how you can prevent it.

Tip 3: Ask a security company for advice

Speaking to someone from a local security company can also help, as they will know of potential issues that may arise in your house or neighborhood. They can check out your home and provide advice on how to deter burglars. You can best hire security guards in melbourne from safe zone security if you live in Australia and Near by Places.

Tip 4: Fit weather striping on doors and windows

Weather stripping around windows will help prevent new breeches of entry, so ask for help fitting them if you need it. While they are designed to keep drafts out, they are also very effective at keeping burglars out too. If your windows are already broken, have the glass replaced by professionals immediately.

Tip 5: Secure the front door

If there are four walls surrounding your home, don’t put all of your security in the back of the house. The front door is often the first point of entry, so you need to be sure that it is secure. You can use a system that prevents locking if someone is in close proximity to it by using a lever system. Make sure the bolts are in place before closing any doors, including in bathrooms and garages.

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