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How to Select the Right Furniture Fittings Hardware for Your Kitchen

jennifer111 November 19, 2020

Making the right choice becomes more difficult when you have too many options on the table. Renovating a kitchen is already a big task in itself, and it becomes more challenging when you don’t have the knowledge to select the right furniture hardware fittings.

Careless selection of kitchen hardware like hinges for cabinet doors can mess up your kitchen’s overall look and functionality. Choosing from an entire pool of options, such as stainless steel or bronze finishes, pulls or knobs, curved or flat handles, and so much more, is not as easy as you may think. Before making any choice, try to picture your kitchen design and what functionality you want in it. This way, you can shorten your list of options and can make a better selection. 

Making the right choice when it comes to furniture hardware fittings can uplift your kitchen aesthetics and functionality. To help you out in finding the right hardware, we are mentioning a few factors that you can take into consideration while shortlisting your choices:

  • Ask yourself whether you want to change the hardware and much more than that: The first thing that you should be thinking about is whether you are updating your entire kitchen cabinetry or just the hardware. If your kitchen cabinets provide you enough space to store all your essentials and are in good condition, you can go only for changing the hardware. With new fittings, you can slightly moderate the look of the cabinets and elevate their functioning. 
  • Knobs or Pulls: It may seem like a simple choice, but believe us, it can have a big impact on your kitchen aesthetics. Now, you have to decide whether you want knobs, pulls, or both. 

Pulls provide more space to use more of your hand so that you can have a finer grip over them, making your working in the kitchen easier. 

If you want a more stylish kitchen, going for knobs over pulls can be one of your finest decisions. Knobs look good on cabinets and make your kitchen look gorgeous. 

You can even use both. Elevate your kitchen’s look by using knobs on cabinets and pulls on drawers. The combination will provide a unique style to your kitchen.

  • How you want the hardware to be mounted: Picturing how you want the hardware to be mounted will help you make the right choice. Determine how many holes will go in the doors for each handle type and how much spacing you require between every hardware fitting. If you have not pictured your hardware right and find the need to switch, you have to look for options of the exact same size. In such a scenario, you will not have much choice and may have to settle with any of the available options.
  • Finish: Nickel, chrome, brass, or aluminum; how to choose the finish of the furniture hardware fittings? We suggest you maintain the same finish on all your kitchen hardware, no matter what style you pick and where you install the hardware in the kitchen. Move your eyes to your kitchen’s metal accents like appliances, faucets, and lighting to make the perfect hardware choice.
  • Style: The type of hardware you pick will have a significant impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Before stepping into the hardware market, take a look at the other elements of your kitchen, and determine your hardware requirements. Choose hardware that complements the other elements in your kitchen and make it look fabulous.
  • What about functionality: The appearance of the hardware will not matter if the same is not delivering the expected functionality. The right hardware is one that looks good and makes working in the kitchen easier. Choose the knobs and pulls that make the cabinet door open swiftly and smoothly. Hinges for cabinet doors play another major role in increasing the lifespan of your cabinets. Therefore, by making a wise choice, you can add a great look and functionality to your kitchen.
  • Budget: Budget plays another key factor in shaping your kitchen renovation decisions. You may not want to spend a lot when it comes to kitchen hardware, but remember that investing in the right quality will only save you money in the long run. Choose high-quality hardware that fits into your budget. Don’t compromise quality over price as the entire working of your kitchen will be dependent on the small pieces of hardware.

Bottom line

The above mentioned are some of the crucial factors that must be considered while buying the right kitchen hardware. Renovating a kitchen is not an everyday thing; therefore, investing in the best will help you make your kitchen look fantastic and function incredibly well in the long run. 

Lastly, choose hardware as per your personal preference. Make sure you love it and will be happy with it for many more years to come.

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