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How To Set-Up Free Wifi For Customers?

rebeccarogers11 October 28, 2020

WiFi helps to boost consumer engagement for your customers for surfing the web. Free WiFi would indulge a vast amount about browsers as everyone having a smartphone may use it.

What Does It Mean To Give Customers Free Wifi?

Giving free Wifi refers to when you set up a WiFi access point at your workplace that clients can access. An access point is a physical location with an accessible wireless network.

The access point offers access to the Internet through a wireless local area network (WLAN). WLAN is generally based on a router provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The router projects a WiFi signal into the area that can be received by other devices.

Clients can connect to the Internet from their laptops or phones through the WLAN access point. In such a manner, you can surf the Internet while participating in your company.

There won’t be any limitations on the usage and promoting the business. Having free WiFi means an open hotspot. So, setting free WiFi for customers includes a few steps. The steps are:

1. Choose A Reliable ISP 

Firstly, it’s a crucial and utmost step to choose a reliable and budget-friendly ISP. The ISP will help you in providing easy access to the Internet. If you decide to go with popular ISPs, it will include AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast Xfinity.

2. Choosing A High Speed And High Bandwidth Serviceable Plan

It goes with the first point that is the offer on ISPs. It would be helpful if you tried to get one with the highest offering speed and bandwidth at the least cost. The rate of data being transferred in the particular network is the bandwidth.

If the system has low speed and capacity, it may give the customers a bad experience as the browsing may be time-consuming.

3. Choosing And Setting The Equipment In The Appropriate Way

A vast network works with great supports and the one which boosts your speed. Going with the correct modem or a router with the ISP connection is the best way to directly set up and direct.

4. Setting A Guest Network Is Necessary

Customers getting connected to the network is at a security risk. So what can you do is set up a distinct public interface for the customers to avail of free WiFi. You can read this article to find out more about how to login to IP addresses correctly.

5. Setting A Captive Portal

A web page that a customer sees before the network granting access to the Internet is also known as a captive portal. There are various terms and conditions that have to be agreed too. The motive is to limit the liability. This may also help you not be responsible for customer’s illegal or unwanted actions.

6. Prevention Of Bandwidth Hogging

With the help of the captive portal, it will help you prevent the visiting customers from the sites and control the hogging of the bandwidth. The increasing users of online sites acting as entertainment may be blocked, so the speed and hogging of broadband are prevented. Thus, in return will help you a fast and secure connection for every user on the site, which is more informative.

Limitations or Warning

Providing free WiFi to customers may have the chances of many downsides. But with proper knowledge and the possible problems known, you shall be able to educate yourself to increase the benefits and limit the drawbacks. As stated before, the necessary steps itself are the limitation to the free WiFi.

The limitations are:

1. Fast And Reliable Is The Key

Offering just the free WiFi is not enough; it requires the speed and reliability of an excellent browsing experience is what the customers need. It’s very natural if the slow network hampers the work; it will increase the frustration level to another extent. If the sites or the information takes extra time to buffer, it’s the test for the individual’s patience.

2. Security To Free Wifi Is Needed

Personal information security is at risk in a free WiFi network. So, the role of security is very high in this case. Checking the router security pin and the protocol is to be checked frequently. The weak protocol is considered Risky but is still used. Regular check with the security and router condition is to be practiced strictly.

3. Separation Of Employee And Customer Access Is Required

If the customer and employees use the same network, the confidential data shouldn’t be shared. Also, a certain customer-facing access point may boost up the service of your company. Alternatively, the system could be separate for the employee and the customers. Keeping a regular security check may keep the hackers way too. 

4. Managing Customers Free WiFi Squatters

The options for free WiFi for customers are several. WiFi and squatters prevention by using precious spaces in the establishment are:

  • Minimum purchase of WiFi access code to be made compulsory limitation to the length of time, or either cutting off the access or charge a fee
  • Setting up laptop free express to maintain the turnover of customers
  • Restricting access during the browsing hours

Why Wait?

Still, you are not offering free WiFi to your precious customer, then what are you waiting for? If the connection is going slow and spotty, then the positive steps should be implemented, and the router or firmware updating is the most excellent solution.

You are keeping an eye on all the possible security precautions. Keeping your business computer separate from the access of guests. Protecting by a passcode and daily changing it is the best way out.

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