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How To Start A Profitable Building Material Supply Business

dikshasharma7773 August 9, 2022

If you are looking for an evergreen business that runs every season and can be started at a low cost, read this article completely. The business of building material supply is such a great business that you can do in both a village – town or city.

Due to the increasing number of construction works, the need for building materials is increasing in both rural and urban areas. Along with constructing new houses in cities, building materials are needed to repair and reconstruct the houses. If you are thinking of beginning this business by supplying the raw materials, you need a compatible vehicle to carry the related materials. To easily transport materials from one site to another, you should choose a Tata Truck due to its excellent payload capacity, making it more suitable for heavy load transportation.  

The construction of houses are being built in large numbers even in rural areas, so villages and towns are becoming a good market for building materials. Let us know what things are necessary to keep in mind to start the business of building material supply. 

Place Of Business 

You must have an area to store building materials. It would be good to get an area of 5000 square feet or more. Various materials are used to build a house, but you can focus primarily on supplying bricks, sand, stone, cement and rods. To provide the material by truck, only opening the office will work.  

But if you want to earn a good margin by supplying the material, then you have to keep the stock of all these materials. Except for cement, all other materials can be held in the open.  

List Of Raw Materials To Construct Buildings 

To run this business, you must keep enough stock of some construction-related raw materials. So, here we are showing some essentials which you should keep in your mind and in your store too.  


Firstly, to get bricks, you must contact traders who own brick kilns. As a regular customer, you will receive discounted goods from them. They have their trucks and can deliver to your preferred location. You can give them your customer’s address, or you can go and get the goods unloaded by calling a truck on your site.

Nowadays, fly ash bricks or concrete blocks are more used than red kiln bricks. You can contact the manufacturers manufacturing fly ash bricks by visiting their factory or office. Moreover, fly ash bricks are used in all government construction works.

The reason for encouraging this by the government is the use of fly ash in factories which can save from polluting the environment and used in brick making. The quality of these bricks varies depending on the material used during fly ash brick manufacturing in different factories. The rate of these bricks is also less than the traditional kiln red brick, so ordinary people have also started using these bricks to construct their buildings.  


Contact the traders who have contracts for the sand wharf to get sand. These people will get sand out of the river and supply sand to your desired site by their truck. Being your regular customer, you will get sand at a discount.


Contact crusher plant for ballast. There are such plants in the city’s outskirts where, by breaking the boulders, ballasts of different sizes (five inches, one and a half inches and gravel or zero) are made. One-half inch ballast is best for roof casting, and one and a half-inch ballast is best for base work.

For cement, visit the dealer of the brand whose cement you want to sell. By ordering cement from the customer, directly the dealer can supply cement at his site. If the customer’s demand is not full of truck cement, then get the remaining cement bags in the store room adjacent to your office.

How To Sell Raw Materials?

The more you contact the people concerned about this work, the more success you will get. The landlord buys the material only after taking the advice of the contractor and the engineer engaged in the construction of the house. So you should keep good relations with them.

The contractor receives the commission based on the materials supplied at his site. You can also give gifts and other items to the concerned engineer on occasion. It will encourage their customers to purchase material from you. Continue to meet with Municipal Corporation and Housing Board officials; they will learn about the contractors granted contracts for the construction of houses or roads. Bricks, for example, can be supplied to such contractors if you can purchase the goods by pressing the rate from the bricks manufacturer. Also, new brick manufacturers who are just starting will offer you a higher discount.

Make a business card for yourself, including your address and phone number and the details of the material you will supply. Also, you can go around your neighbourhood to see where houses build. Bring your rate card to those landlords. You can receive some orders in this manner.

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