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How to Take Care of Invisalign?

Clove Dental December 28, 2019

Invisalign is the latest treatment for teeth straightening that has transformed millions of smiles around the globe. It is a type of orthodontic treatment that has provided resolution to misaligned teeth for many without the use of traditional teeth braces made up of metal frames. This latest technology offers multiple advantages like:

  1. Invisible Appearance
  2. Conveniently Removable
  3. Increased Comfort
  4. Saves Time
  5. No Restriction on Eating Habits
  6. Ensure Better Dental Health

All these advantages make Invisalign a life transforming innovation in the dental care industry. But, unlike the common misconception, there is a need for individuals to understand that Invisalign also needs proper care.

Here are a few ways on how to take care of Invisalign:

  1. Cleaning Invisalign is very vital for their long life and to get the best results. Just like brushing twice a day is necessary for good oral health, cleaning Invisalign twice a day is recommended by dentists. While cleaning a proper technique must be followed.
    Here are the steps:
    -After removing the retainer, rinse the retainer under lukewarm water.
    -Apply toothpaste on a retainer brush and properly clean the retainer by making gentle circular motions, in and out of the retainer.
    -Once done, wash out the toothpaste on the retainer in lukewarm water.
    -Ensure that no tartar is built-up on the retainer and it is cleaned properly. Use a special cleaning solution available with a dentist to get the best results.
    -While cleaning Invisalign, do not use very hot water. It can affect the shape of Invisalign leading it to become ill-fitted.
  2. Drinking or eating items that can stain your aligners is not recommended while wearing a retainer. Such food items not only affect the colour but also lead to the development of a foul smell.
  3. While travelling outdoors or relaxing at home, ensure that the Invisalign is not exposed to heat. Heat can affect the shape of aligners leading to serious damage to shape. Protect you Invisalign by always placing it in a case. A case will ensure that no damage is caused to the Invisalign.
  4. Every once in a while, when you visit a dentist for a check-up, she/he will provide you with a new set of Invisalign. These new sets can feel a little different and cause discomfort in the beginning. Dentists advise patients to ensure they do not get irritated by the new set and avoid rubbing or pressing them hard.
  5. To keep the shape of your Invisalign intact and protect it from bacteria, ensure brushing your teeth right after eating or drinking something. This will ensure that the plaque developed on teeth after eating does not get accumulated on the retainer.

For Invisalign to take care of your smile, you need to take care of them. Follow the above-mentioned tips to take care of your Invisalign on a daily basis. Happy Smiling!

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