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How to Take Good Care of your Natural Hair

alicesmith July 23, 2021

You cannot control the environmental factors that damage your hair, but what you can control is the type of products you use. If you want to take good care of your natural hair, its time you try our hair products from Pydana Collections.

Taking care of natural hair is not easy at all as it may sound. You might be dealing with hair problems such as hair breakage, losing your hairline or even trying to maintain hair moisture without knowing what really causes this problem.

This should not worry you anymore because the following tips will guide you through a healthy hair journey that everyone wishes for.

  • Hydrate

Water is an absolute necessity when it comes to practicing a healthy hair journey. It is advisable to apply water on the hair from time to time or even mix it with a black hair moisturizer because dry hair leads to breakage and migraine which comes as a result of strenuous combing. It is also advisable that you drink around eight glasses of water daily because hydration plays a major role in making our hair healthy.

  • Use Protective Styles

Protective hair styles prevent it from breakage, shedding or damage. They could be wearing wigs, weaves, buns, bantu knots, braids or twists. If you decide to braid or twist your hair, make sure that the salonist is easy on the edges so as to reduce tension on the scalp.

  • Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

When buying natural hair products for black hair such as shampoos, such contain chemicals such as ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate which cause dryness and breakage of hair. Using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is necessary as it adds more moisture to the hair. Black soap can also be used in a case where you are unable to afford the sulfate-free shampoo.

  • Avoid Heat

Using a hairdryer on hair that is wet requires a lot of heat and a lot of pulling using the styling brush.It is imperative to avoid much friction and heat as possible as a way of avoiding breakage and tangling. It is advisable to try air drying when the hair is wet because this is the best option. Never use a towel to dry the hair because it ends up roughing the hair cuticles and causing them to frizz and break, instead you can use an old soft t-shirt.

  • Trim your Hair

One of the worst habits that most people have in regards to hair maintenance is allowing its growth with split ends. The split ends act as an indication of hair damage thus making your hair very unhealthy. It is very important to be checking your hair for split ends after a couple of weeks and trim.


It is also important to change your diet because healthy lifestyle plays a major role in impacting the state of your is advisable to eat foodstuff that are rich in proteins, vitamin A and C and Omega-3 for stronger, healthier hair.

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