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How to Travel Long Distances With a Dog?

LenaH November 30, 2021

Whether you want to go abroad or explore the beauty of your homeland, it’s safe to say that these trips are exciting and full of adventures. That is especially true if you decide to travel with your dog.

Yet, there are some rules and regulations you must follow if you want to take your family pet with you.  These tips will help you prepare the necessary documentation and adopt best practices to make your dog comfortable, so stay with us, and learn something new before planning your next holiday. 

Keep your dog comfortable

Many pet owners believe that dogs will be comfortable if they can move freely in the family vehicle. However, that’s not always the case. Dogs can easily become too excited and energetic, which is why it’s essential to put them in a confined, yet comfortable space. A large crate will allow you to keep your dog in the backseat and monitor their behaviour. It’s always a better choice to put your or in a crate, as this method can enhance their security.

Likewise, when travelling by plane, your dog will most likely stay in the separate room created for pets only. As a result, there’s a chance your dog will become more anxious, which is why some veterinarians recommend giving your dog a sedative. But, of course, you should talk to the vet first, and keep in mind there are other options, such as a pheromone camping collar that lowers your dog’s anxiety.

Pack toys, but never put them in the crate

Toys will keep your pet entertained, but you shouldn’t let them play while they’re staying in the crate. Crates are already too small, and stuffing them with your dog’s favourite toys will only make them more uncomfortable. Dogs can’t move around in overcrowded crates, so keep their favourite toys in the backpack, and allow them to play with them when you arrive at your destination.  

Get the paperwork

When travelling abroad with a pet, you will have to get the paperwork that can drastically speed up and simplify all procedures on the borders. For example, many countries require a pet passport or an up to date health certificate issued by a qualified veterinarian. In addition, the vet has to confirm that your pet is healthy and vaccinated, so be sure to schedule a vet appointment before your next vacation.

Make it easier to find your pet

There’s nothing more frightening than losing your pet when you’re miles away from home. But, if the vet places a microchip under your dog’s skin, you will easily manage to track your pet when they get lost. Of course, this procedure is painless and won’t harm your god in any way. However, if you don’t want to put a microchip under your dog’s skin, you should invest in a tag that includes your contact information.

Consider pet insurance

Every owner should consider dog travel insurance. Even if you believe nothing will happen to your dog on your next journey, it is always a good choice to have a backup plan if your dog gets injured. Pet insurance will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as you won’t have to cover expensive veterinary costs. Believe it or not, pet insurance is one of the trending pet business ideas, and many owners are interested in the opportunity that allows them to protect their pets.

In addition, treating dogs in a foreign country can be challenging. So, consider pet insurance, especially if your dog is old or clumsy, and you won’t have to worry about additional costs in case of an accident.

Bring more food and keep your dog hydrated

If your dog is on a special diet, check the local vet stores and see whether they sell adequate food for your god. If not, it would be best to bring your supply that will last until you return home. Moreover, always keep a bottle of water for your dog, especially if you want to go on adventures together.

In addition, some pets are terrified of cars, meaning you’ll have to deal with their anxiety. Even if you want to make your pet as comfortable as possible, skip a meal on travel days, as car rides can easily upset their stomach. Your pet shouldn’t starve, but they will survive if you give them food a few hours after you normally would.


Having a pet join you on holidays allows you to expand your horizons and take better care of them. Dogs are excellent and the cutest travelling companions and they will have a better time exploring hidden trails than waiting for you to return home. As no one loves your dog as much as you do, this opportunity will ensure they are well taken care of, but it will also give you a good reason to spend more time with your furry best friend.   

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