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How To Use Skype – Beginner’s Guide

rebeccarogers11 February 26, 2021

This is the digital age. The world, as a system, has shifted to a digital space. This virtual world has many applications that have changed communication itself. Meetings, interviews, business, seminars, demonstrations, all are almost held on digital platforms nowadays. The process is efficient, cheap, and easy to host. 

Skype is such a digital platform that makes communication more comfortable than ever before. Skype is an application that enables a person to host a digital meeting with multiple participants. Skype can also be used to call, text, send, and receive multimedia files. It is supported by systems (MAC, Android, Windows, etc.). 

How to Use Skype

Unfortunately, not everybody knows how to use Skype. Backward populaces from rural corners of the world may not know what Skype is. Seniors who have seen a much more primitive society, might not know how to use Skype or find it challenging to use. Many such cases require a beginner’s guide on how to use Skype. 

It is rather easy to use Skype. It is not very complicated once the user gets started. The bright home screen, the blue theme, various options, and similar features might make it look not very easy, but it is a simple registration process.

Get started:

If you don’t have Skype, you need to download it from your platform’s app store. You can download and use Skype from its official website too. 

  1. To get started, an account to be created. To create the account, select the option on the login page. 
  2. It will take you to the second step where you’ll be required to type in your phone number or email id and create a strong password. 
  3. Once it is done, you can go back to the login page and sign in to Skype. 
  4. Once signed in, the welcome screen appears that asks you to get started. 

The top left corner displays your name, profile picture, and your Skype username. On clicking it, you get the window that lets you modify your profile. Below it lies the activity status of your account. You can change the activity status of account from active, to DND, Away, and offline, by simply clicking on the option. Beneath this section lies with other options regarding your profile.


Below the top left section, Skype has its most important features lined up. The First icon stands for a conversation. This option enables you to send messages and view received letters in the app. To post a word, the user has to select one of his contacts and click on the chat beside the call option. 


Next in the line is the Call option, followed by the Contacts icon and Notifications icon. This option lets you call your contacts and view received calls. To make a call, contact has to be selected, and the call option has to be clicked on. Skypes have multiple in-call features too. 

Contacts and Notifications: 

This icon helps you to view your connections. Options to sync, add, remove, and edit contacts are the main elements of this option. Notification is the last icon in the line. You can check out all the missed alerts by clicking on this option. 

To send group messages or make conferences, options are given below to both the chat and the call icon. Upon clicking them, a drop-down appears that holds opportunities to add more recipients. Possibilities to make video calls are available with just a click, and by giving access to the camera, one can easily host a video meeting. 

Presentations can also be demonstrated in Skype, as every account holder has the option to create their digital conference room. If either of the Call or Text icon is selected, it will display the opportunity to make a call or send a text. Various other features like screen sharing, high-end security for call and texts, voicemail, wireless network access, and many more make Skype an extensively used and highly recommended app.

Search Bar

Above the original icons and below the account identity, lies the search bar. Like any other application, it helps you to find and connect with your dear ones. The search bar can also be used to lookup places, get directions, search for relevant information, and invite people to Skype. Using Skype can be learned within a few hours, following these few simple steps. 


Skype has revolutionized the corporate sector by helping them save significant amounts of money. Skype provides no time limits; hence conducting long meetings is easier than ever before. The high-end encryption of the app makes it perfectly suitable for people in business and traders. In case of any errors faces, you can solve them with the help of this article

Skype is also used to keep track of the expenditures and incomes of a corporation. Skype has reduced the distance among companies, increasing their scope, and enabling high productivity worldwide. 

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