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How to Wash and Care for Cotton Jackets?

alinabeths February 26, 2021

Cotton is a fabric obtained from natural plant fibers. Today, garment manufacturing companies are using cotton widely to produce different types of clothes. Suppose you search to buy jackets online for girls in ST. Johns will find many jackets of many other materials like polyester, wool, cotton, etc. The most significant advantage of cotton clothes is that they are breathable and softest. These properties make them the most comfortable clothes among all the fabrics. Besides this, the cotton clothes are affordable, durable, and easy to wash. Also, they are easy to clean, but you should be careful while washing them, as the wrong washing method can damage your cotton clothes. If you have bought cotton jackets online for girls in Florida, this blog is for you. Here we will discuss washing and caring for cotton jackets.

How Often do you Need to Clean Cotton Jackets?

The jackets made of 100% cotton material are washable and require two or three times watching wherever you wear them. Washing the cotton jackets also depends on the density of soil deposited on them. However, we suggest you check the label and read all the instructions before washing the cotton jackets. Some cotton jackets may be fragile. Therefore, they require hand washing. If you want to wash such jackets in a machine, please select a delicate cycle.

If you have dark cotton jackets, dry cleaning is always the best option. It’s because the dark cotton clothes may fade after some time if you wash them at home. When you buy an expensive cotton jacket for girls online in ST, Johns, there’s an expectation that these last for long. But the condition is that you need to maintain them properly. Hence dry cleaning is the best option for preserving the quality of cotton fiber for a long time.

Instructions to Wash Girls’ Cotton Jackets

Now, let’s see some instructions to wash the cotton girls’ jackets.

  • Pre-treat Stains

If the cotton jacket has stains, the foremost step is to pre-treat the stains. Apply a stain remover before tossing the cotton jackets into washing machines or washing them with hands. Different fibers react differently with other stain removers. Therefore, please test the stain remover on the inner side of the jacket. This will let you know whether the stain remover is deteriorating the cotton fiber or not.

  • Select a Detergent and Fabric Softener

You might think that heavy-duty detergents are the best for tough stains. But this is not the case for all types of clothes. Detergent is crucial for cleaning a garment. Selection of the wrong detergent may damage the cotton fibers causing the cotton jackets to tear easily only after some time. We think you do not want such things to happen when you buy expensive or budget-friendly jackets online for girls in Florida. Do you?

  • Select the Water Temperature

When it comes to washing clothes, the water temperature has a crucial role. If you wash the clothes with cold water, you may face difficulties in cleaning the tough stains. On the other hand, washing the clothes with hot water increases the chances of color bleeding. Thus, it is mandatory to select the right temperature of water while cleaning them.

  • Select the Wash Cycle

Generally, a gentle cycle is preferred for cotton garments. If you want, you can also wash cotton garments by hand.

  • Select the Drying Time

Over drying may shrink the cotton jackets and also cause wrinkling. The time of drying also depends on the load size. If we talk about ironing, many cotton garments need a little ironing when you remove them from the fryer when they are slightly damp. White cotton jackets, when dried in the sun, become more white. On the other hand, colored cotton jackets may fade their color when you dry them in direct sunlight.

  • Ironing

Some cotton garments get wrinkled easily when you wash them. Use medium-hot iron to get rid of all wrinkles from cotton jackets. It is always better to iron the cotton garments inside out. Ironing the cotton garments at high temperatures may scorch the cellulosic fibers. Scorching is the process of yellowing the cotton garments, which occurs when the fibers start burning due to excessive temperature.

  • Storing the Cotton Jackets

Storing the garments in the right way plays an essential role in making them last longer. It does not matter whether you buy cheap jackets online for girls in ST. Johns or the expensive one. Sometimes the cheap clothes last longer than the expensive ones just because of their proper maintenance and care. Therefore, if you want your jackets to last for a long time, you should store them with care and protect them from carpet beetles and their cotton-eating larvae.

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