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How To Wear a Corset- Under or Above Clothes?

BAnudesigns December 10, 2020

Corsets have always been a part of the women’s wardrobe. Once a very popular style, corsets lacked its popularity for a little while. However, they came back into their field with a bang.

Corsets are becoming even more popular day by day. The perfect hourglass figure that a corset gives you is irreplaceable. It defines your body to the best version of it. Find the best quality corsets that can never go wrong when you wear them from True Corset

But, the main question that pops up in the minds of the wearer while wearing a corset is how to wear it. Whether to wear it on the dress or below it?

The answer though is very simple. There is no thumb rule regarding the way to wear a corset.

Just like any other dress, you can style it just like the way you like it. If wearing the corset under your dresses makes you comfortable, then it is the right way for you. And, if wearing the corset above your dress looks and feels better to you, do so.

Even though there is no particular way of wearing your corset, there are a few things that might affect your choice. Let’s get a look into these things.

Know your venue

Whenever we go somewhere, we dress up accordingly. When going to the office, we tend to wear formal clothes. On the other hand, a little bling becomes necessary when going to a party at a club.

Keep the same thing in your mind when styling a corset. Always make sure that you don’t be extra for the venue or end up styling way too simple.

For example, wearing a lace corset with jeans or skirts would look fabulous for a party or night out. Whereas, the same style will look completely weird and awkward if you wear it to the office.

For formal wear, you can wear your corset under the shirt to get a perfect figure.

So, style your corset according to the venue.

Keep your comfort first!

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Being comfortable in what you wear is most important. If you are uncomfortable in a particular outfit, it is reflected through your body language.

So, make sure that you wear the corset in the style that makes you comfortable. If you are confident enough to keep your body on a little exposure, then you can opt to wear the corset over and pair it up with jeans and a blazer.

But, in case you are not confident enough, style the corset under your clothes.

Play a little!

It is always a good idea to play a little with your style. Wear your favorite corset in different styles on different days.

Style it up with a pair of pants and heels on one day and under your favorite dress to look perfectly shaped on other days.

How to play with your corset is your wish.

Here are some of the best styles-

  • Wear it under your gown
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Getting ready for a wedding? Wear a nice underbust corset and wear your gown over it. The corset is going to accentuate your look and make you look flawless.

All you need to do is choose the corset wisely. Look after the material. Don’t choose a corset that isn’t breathable or makes you uncomfortable.

  • Wear it above that loose top!
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Another awesome style is to wear a loose fitted bouncy full sleeve top and they wear your corset above it. This style looks very classy. You can pair it with a pair of jeans or even skirts.

There is no worry in wearing the corset hidden under your cloth. But, when it comes to wearing it above your clothes keeping it on display, we end up having a hard time figuring out the right styles. So, here are some overall style options that you can try out.

  • Lace it up over the dress

Wear your laced corset above your dress. It will not only make your figure look better but also it will enhance the style of your outfit. Pair a corset that matches the shades of your dress.

  • Corset bralette

Wear a corset bralette over any of your favorite tees, dresses, or shirts. Layer it up with a jacket and you will look stunning.

  • Keep it simple
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Wear a white shirt and a pair of pants. Now style a corset above your shirt. You will look simple yet unique just with the addition of a single corset.

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