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Importance of Having a Private College Counselor

aliyanadesouza November 23, 2021

Everything needs planning in our lives. Be it in a family setting, work-related or even school needs planning. Because of the uncertainty of the future, we desire of getting the best for ourselves and the people around us, we tend to think ahead. Most importantly parents. They wonder what the future holds for their kids, what type of career will fit the child, which best college they will choose for the child, will they be able to raise the finances for the college. All these are driven by love for the child. So, they tend to look for counselors offering the best college admissions consultants. Why do they find it important to look for college counseling? Here are a few reasons:

  • Having an outsider give opinions just to bounce ideas, guides and brainstorming are valuable. College counselors normally have different perspectives, so having advised them gives relief and a new way of looking at the situations.
  • Private college counseling understands that each kid is unique in their way. So, they take the time to interact and understand each of the individuals and family. Through this, the counselor gets to know each student and family deeply, realizing their priorities then advising and giving guidance grounding on those priorities. Also, this aspect makes them give very customized and personalized attention when giving guidance through the process of the college application. A good example of such consultancy is Clark College Consultant.
  • Private college counselors do not worry about ranking, but they worry about fit. They also want the students to get into the colleges, after knowing the students personally, they are determined to march the students with the best schools that will help the kid to bring out his/her potential to flourish. This is their paramount goal.
  • The counselors have met a lot of students and handled a lot of complicated matters, they know the ins and outs of the process of college admissions. They always stay up to date with the policies of different colleges across the country to give informed guidance. This enhances their experience in giving out guidance.
  • They can also help in balancing curricular and extracurricular activities, SAT and ACT, and the essay process. Finding someone to voice their opinions can be a motivator and stress reliever especially if you have to worry about things other than college entrance.

After reading all these, are planning to hire a private college counselor? If yes, there are some factors you should consider while choosing the best college counselor. Here are the examples:

  • Firstly is relatability. Does the college counselor get along with the students? That they can talk about anything from the latest news to popular artists. This will make the students comfortable around the counselor, they will see you beyond an advisor but also a friend hence they’ll start being honest.
  • Gauge each college and see their methodology and how they achieve their outcome. Each college counselor has different ways of approaching the college admission process. So the important part is the outcome.
  • Try to determine whether the college counselor you have chosen has the best interest in mind for your child. Know how they prepare the students ethically and trustworthy.
  • Check the reviews on their website from customers. This will help you know whether the consulting company has a good reputation for how they work and the impact of their service on real people.
  • Lastly is accessibility. Are you able to reach the counselor mostly? Even if holding a meeting face to face is not possible, does the counselor make the effort to reach the students? A good counselor mostly worries about his/her students, hence they keep in touch.

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