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Important Tips for Using General Surgery Instruments

kavinmartiz October 16, 2021

Symmetry Surgical has always been dedicated to the development of high-quality surgical instruments that respond to the multiple needs of healthcare professionals, needs that make the difference in inpatient care. The product portfolio combines the rich and important history of the lines recently acquired by Codman & Shurtleff Inc., surgical instruments from Specialty Surgical Instrumentation (SSI), and electrosurgery instruments from Olsen Medical. Offering one of the complete ranges of surgical instruments currently on the market, Symmetry Surgical continues its collaboration with doctors, manufacturers, and thousands of hospitals in order to guarantee solutions for the present and constant growth for the future.


Specialty Surgical Instrumentation (SSI) was founded in 1976 Specialty Surgical Instrumentation Inc. (SSI) in order to respond to market demands for high-quality surgical instruments. With the priority of serving healthcare facilities in Antioch, Tennessee, the company’s registered office, Sisi quickly becomes the industry leader and reference point for the most important customers. In 2007 Symmetry Medical acquired Sisi, enriching its portfolio with the following brands: Access Surgical, Ultra Systems, Flash Pak, Riley, Ultra Instruments.

Olsen Medical

 Olsen Medical was founded in 1880 by Ole Olsen, an instrument manufacturer from Norway. Ole arrives in San Francisco at the age of 15 and becomes an expert craftsman in the art of making and repairing hand-made General Surgery Instruments. Three generations later, in 1960, the company focused on creating innovative and superior-quality surgical instruments for electrosurgery and related accessories. It is the beginning of private label production for numerous emerging companies in the sector. In 2011 Symmetry Medical acquired Olsen Medical.

Codman Instruments

 In 2012 Symmetry Medical acquired the Codman Instruments * surgical instrument portfolio, including the following brands in its catalog: Book Walter, Greenberg, Kirlin, Quad-Lock, Opti-Length, Rapid Clean, Classic, Classic Plus, and Magna Free. In addition to the surgical instruments, the acquisition concerns the following items: disposable vein extractors, Sector ™, sponges for tonsils, and skin pencils.


May 2006 – Symmetry concludes the acquisition of Riley Medical, a market leader in the design and manufacture of containers for the transport and sterilization of surgical instruments.

August 2007 – Symmetry acquires Specialty Surgical Instrumentation, Inc (SSI), a leading manufacturer and distributor of basic surgical instruments for the operating room. With the acquisition of SSI, the products of the following brands are incorporated into Symmetry: Access Surgical ™ (arthroscopy), Ultra Systems ™ (surgical retractors and containers for sterilization), Flash Pak ™ (containers for sterilization), Ultra Instruments ™ (specialist surgical instruments ).

August 2011 – Symmetry concludes the acquisition of Olden Medical®, a third-party manufacturer of single-use and multipurpose electrosurgery instruments.

December 2011 – Symmetry concludes the acquisition of Codman & Shurtleff Inc surgical instruments. The acquisition concerns instruments designed by Mails, Rhyton, Crokard, Hardy, Greenberg, the line of cardiac surgery with DeLacey, Cooley, Dieterich, Collins, Castaneda, Book Walter®. In addition to the aforementioned surgical instruments, the acquisition also concerns disposable items such as sterile demographic pencils, vein extractors, and the Sector ™ line of dissectors. 

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