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Increase Your Instagram Reach: 5 Trustworthy strategies You Must Know

marykyle December 17, 2020

Everyone wants to gain more visibility from their post, be it a business or individual Instagram account. More visibility means being found by many new users, having more engagement on your post, and getting more followers. Mainly it all leads to more sales. Expanding your Instagram reach is the key to increase visibility. 

One thing you have to understand clearly is Instagram’s reach is Different from Instagram Impressions. Impressions indicate the total number of times others will see your post. At the same time, reach defines the total number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts. 

This blog will discuss five strategies that help you improve your Instagram engagement and gain more followers. 

  1. Use New Trendy Hashtags

Using new and recently updated hashtags in your post is the number one way to boost your Instagram reach quickly. Also, keep the relevancy of the hashtags in your mind. Doing this will get your post to reach a new audience interested in your content consistently. The right way to use a hashtag is to keep a balanced mix of general hashtags, trending hashtags, industry specific hashtags, and hashtags unique to your brand. It will give you the best results. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in your post. Make sure that you are making the best possible use of this and increase your engagement for posts

  1. Engagement Be Your Goal

The latest update in the Instagram algorithm makes it harder to get more visibility for your posts. So if you want to improve the reach of your audience, your content should be able to make its way up to the feed. It is only possible if your content should be in the form of increasing engagement. One of the fast and easy ways to get more engagement for your post is acquiring Instagram reach, and it will increase the number of people viewing your content. It is definitely enough to get you on the top of the feed. 

  1. Keep Track of Peak Times

When you are looking to increase the Instagram reach, posting on the peak times is a great technique. This option is easily available in the analytics section of your account. It will get more visibility among your followers as they are most active on those days. It is not about finding one peak time. It is all about finding several peak times that suit your content. 

  1. Get Creative with Lives 

Using a live story is another effective strategy to expand your reach on Instagram. Live stories are happening, so they are popular and exciting among your followers. It is a good enough reason for the audience to click on it. If you go live, not only your followers will get the notifications, and you also get the chance of extra visibility on the Instagram explore page. 

  1. Explore Instagram Ads

The last but not the least way to increase your Instagram reach is by running the Instagram advertisement option. It will be able to give increased reach. Facebook’s unique ad system supported Instagram ads, and it has different ad forms you can use, such as 

  • Single Image ads
  • Mobile app download ads
  • Story ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

While setting an objective, select reach as your goal. It will increase the reach of your posts. 

Final thoughts 

Now you know these five trustworthy strategies to increase your Instagram reach, you will also need to know how to evaluate them. You can find out the reach gained for that week in the analytics section of your Instagram. To understand every single post’s reach, you can click the view insights option to know the required data.  

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