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Increasing Sales Through Hypnotic Techniques Almost No One Else Knows – Part 2

jessicajack October 5, 2021

In the first part of this article, I shared some very important hypnotic principles and some powerful techniques to help you increase traffic and sales. A quick summary is that we have much more control of our emotions than we realize and that our own emotions, feelings, and moods can affect those around us.

I gave you many ways that you can use these principles, including helping you improve the mood of your customers through what to say and your attitude and the store or work environment. Here are some more powerful hypnotic techniques to help increase sales. Also, remember that for techniques that are clear and obvious there are several more techniques hidden under the surface, which is one of the reasons they are hypnotic and so powerfully effective.

In Part 1, I listed some techniques and principles that help make them work even better.

Then there are the more obvious methods, like logos on shirts, that other people see. Customers become walking billboards for those clothing companies and even pay for clothing to do this. Some people find this works well, while other people feel that it is so cheeky. Hypnotic techniques have the advantage of being less obvious and therefore potentially more effective and less obtrusive.

  1. Create a shopping environment through the use of sounds / music.

Studies have shown that certain rhythms of music can relax or stimulate people. That is why in
in some places the music is slow, like the beating of the human heart. In other places like a club the music
it will often be louder and faster paced and increase energy
(and possibly stress makes people
buy more drinks to calm your stressed nerves … this is for another article)

In the first article, I shared some reasons why I learned these techniques and how I helped clients use them to be more successful. A lot of this has to do with what I do and this is often misunderstood that I will help make this more clear to make you feel even better using
these techniques to improve your business.

Being a musician and writer since I was younger comes in very handy when working with clients who want to be creative more consistently without getting burned out. Also, I record the music for my hypnosis CDs and much of my writing is transformed into the hypnosis sessions I do. Also, having played in various settings, I have witnessed the effects on the audience of the music I played. Whether it was my own music or if I was playing in cover bands playing other artists’ music, I could notice how certain songs energized people while different songs put them in a much more introspective mood.

These types of moods have a lot to do with the way a person experiences life. Some moods improve your willingness to buy more.

Other states of mind can allow them to enjoy the experience more and remember it, to the point where that place becomes THE place to return to again and again. This can create great customer loyalty when they realize that you are the place to go for that special occasion, product, or service. for more click hypnotic techniques for dating success

So while I mostly work with people to be more successful or to change habits like quitting smoking, I also have a casual client who owns a small business and wants to improve their sales and success.

Many of my clients come to me because they know my specialty with confidence; having been a dating coach for years, I HAD to demonstrate my confidence and skills and techniques in every session.
I have to walk down the road and speak to speak so that my clients feel my sincerity and authenticity. They too
see results in the real world and not just in a classroom.

So I don’t just do trust sessions or read a script because I know the
realities that most people in the dating world can and will face, so my sessions take care of what you need to set yourself up for success.

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