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Indian Fashion & The Handloom Era

sareez March 20, 2017

handloom sarees

India is a manifestation of diversity. Excellence and exuberance of art, culture, and beauty are acreages in its each fragment. Hand loomed sartorial excellence is one of its glorified treasure. Each state of India depicts its cultural glory, myths, and legends on textiles and robes. The natural fibers and dyes used, make its especial with the excellence of artistry, design, and technology of untrained yet master makers.

handloom saree design

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With the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and several other activists during freedom fighting featured handloom at its acknowledged heights. As a part of Satyagraha, Gandhiji with Bal GangadharTilak boycott the English made textile and spun Charkha to make khadi out of cotton, silk, jute and lot more. Thus cotton industry came into existence and Charkha became a symbol of independence.

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Since then cottage industry and handloom was at backdrop but unacknowledged and unawarded. With initiatives of Indian Government Indian Handloom Brand has accommodated all poor weavers across India and flaunted their high-quality handwork on a global platform. Connecting handloom with the contemporary styling vein of Gen Y fashion designers is deliberate.

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Proceeding on a handloom era let us figure out some stunning collections from cottage of India under poverty line.
Handloom sarees of Benaras featuring Benarasi is the most precious collection for Indian brides on the wedding day. Out of pure silk brocade of gold and silver are intermeshed with an adept mastery. 
Handloom silk sarees have farfetched stunning collections covering each state of India. Kanjivaram from South, Maheshwari from Madhya Pradesh, Tussar Silk, Sambalpuri, Katan, Kota, Kotki and several other ensembles the list.
tussar silk sarees
Bandhani Saree is a categorical tie and dye method of Rajasthan. Ikkat is another variation of tie and dye method.

Kantha Stich, Tant, Baluchari, Dhonakhali are some cotton based collections from Bengal.

Handwoven sarees are also much demanded. It is categorically yarned by hand and dye in  a special method.

Not only Sarees, fashion designers have customized this hand-loomed fabric in making of many lifestyle items like bag, shoes, jewelry,  bags and lot more. Altering the silhouette these fabrics are used to make kurti, dupatta, over coat, shrugs, Punjabi, pants and many sartorial flaunts.
handloom sarees

E-commerce being a global platform showcases a huge variety of handloom products. Indian Handloom Brand has enlisted lot of online shopping companies as corporate partners to connect global consumers, cottage industry of handloom and fashion designers on the same platform. Handloom sarees online are much easy available and comes in a competent pricing matching the style statement of contemporary generations.
Bengal handloom sarees online are displayed as the mine of art and craft excellence. The making to finishing of the product is total grandeur of creativity which is collected with passion and enlisted with diversity to divulge you in vigor of Bengal.

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