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Insider’s Tips on Avoiding Sewage Flood

johnmiller3413 March 26, 2021

It is important to know that sewage flooding could occur as a result of the issue called fat. Fat can be especially dangerous for drains. On the other hand, the things that we flush down the toilet could always cause sewage flooding as well. In fact, this is the primary reason that most of the drains are blocked or cause flooding at homes, offices, and other commercial establishments. A blocked drain can be really inconvenient, especially for those in a rush to empty their bladders. According to insider tips by qualified blocked drain plumbers, there are many things that we shouldn’t be flushing down the toilets and today; we will be talking about those items. 

Here are some of the simple items that you should refrain from shoving down the toilet: 

  • Dental Floss

Shocked? We were too! Dental floss being so small, many people try to flush them down the toilet. Doing so is a huge mistake as the floss isn’t biodegradable, and therefore, could cause plenty of problems when massive amounts of dental floss get flushed down on a regular basis. This could cause many problems, and it could get wrapped around other objects in the pipeline, and small clogs will end up becoming massive ones in no time at all. Dispose of them in the bin rather than the toilet bowl. 

  • Paper towels & kitchen rolls 

Sure, paper towels and kitchen rolls are also a variety of tissue paper, then why not flush them down the toilet, you may wonder? They are both far thicker than your average toilet roll; it takes so much force just to flush them down. You may have noticed this as you tried it once or twice when you ran out of toilet paper at home. They are unable to break down the same way that toilet paper does, leading to a massive blockage in the drains. If you get some clogs as a result of flushing paper towels, then contact experienced professional drain plumbing services. 

  • Cat Litter

Many pet owners would think that flushing down your cats waste down the toilet may be harmless and normal to do. Unfortunately, flushing down cat litter is prohibited as it contains clay and sand as well. These are both things that one should never attempt to flush. It also contains toxins and parasites that are especially lethal for the drainage system. Instead, dispose of cat litter into the bin to recycle it away. 

  • Medication 

Clogging isn’t the main issue when it comes to flushing down medication. It’s the damage medication can cause to the water supply that’s a huge problem. You may essentially feel as though you’re doing the right thing by flushing down medicines so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. However, it could contaminate water supplies and terribly affect the wildlife as well. Sewage systems aren’t capable of removing medication and get released back into the water bodies, harming major wildlife. 

These are some of the things that you should keep away from toilet bowls and be careful never to flush them down. Also, it is important not stuff into toilet bowls – hair, tampons, pads, oil, fats, band-aids, cigarette buts, wool, and also condoms. 

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