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Shreyagupta October 27, 2020

The classic style dates back to the works of nostalgia. When designing the living room in classic style, how to choose ceramic tiles? Today’s article will show you how to design classic living room furniture.


1 Classic interior design feature

The classic style of interior design is a school that is widely applied to create an architectural feature. This style originated in Europe in the 17th century. Until now, this style is still used by architects in the construction and construction of houses.

A characteristic of the classic interior architectural style is the creation of an elegant space. Creating classic interior architectural styles to showcase the owner’s luxury and wealth. So the interior layout is quite cumbersome but it shows the splendor and magnificence of the space.

In the classic living room, you can clearly see the curves of the dome, the pillars. Walls, ceilings, columns will often be edging or ledge lines to create a sophisticated look.

Interior materials often focus on expensive natural products. It can be rare wood, marble porcelain slab or precious stone. They are used on walls, floors and decorative furniture. Especially the precious antiques that are intricately carved should appear in the classic interiors of the living rooms.

Classic colors emphasize soft, neutral colors with color contrast. Colors are commonly used in the interior design of the classic living room, such as: light yellow, beige, olive, cream …

Background lighting is a hallmark of the classic style. The classic interior design of the living room will not use negative lighting systems. The chandeliers with the most elaborate shapes are selected. Also, the appliques are also very prominent.

2 Choose which living room tiles to match the classic style

Building on the classic style features above, it is easy to find suitable digital vitrified tiles for the living room. First, let’s focus on the colors of the tiles. Use tiles patterns characteristic of the classic style. It can be beige tiles or wall tiles, white, yellow background tiles.

In terms of tile patterns, to create splendid luxury, you can use faux marble tiles. With the ultra-modern tiles production technology, the marble patterns are identical to natural marble. These tiless confirm the rich position of the owner.

Classic Living Room Tiles: Use decorative edge tiles to create beautiful tile rugs. Antique European carpet tile flooring decoration style. Even more elaborate, the use of tiles patterns with intricately decorated motifs. For example, the background tile patterns are decorated with symmetrical motifs. Or the handmade Spanish tiles patterns are great too.

Classic style wall tiles you can choose from unique antique wall tiles. tiles patterns like reliefs are carved on the walls. The living room wall is accentuated with these old faux tiles patterns.

Please note that when using classic living room tiles with both wall and floor tiles, you should choose tiles based on the harmony between walls and floors. A little attention should be paid to the color and size.

In today’s modern times, homeowners with classic interior architecture want many projects. The materials used are not entirely natural because they are related to the environment. But with human creations, materials that simulate nature such as ceramic tiles are used instead. The patterns of the surface tiles are printed with special patterns that clearly highlight the beauty of nature. tiles meets the building needs of classic architectural interior design.

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