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iPhone 6 Release Date, News and Rumor

Ashish Kumar September 6, 2014

iphone 6

It is strongly believed that iPhone 6 is being revealed in the market by 12th of Sep 2014. According to Apple, iPhone 6 will be available in the market by 19th of Sep on Friday. It is common practice by Apple that it launches it new products on Friday in the market. that’s the reason phone is being launched on 19th Sep according to Apple insiders. Apple is manufacturing huge quantity of iPhone this year.

Total Manufactured Units

According to initial reports, more than 78 million units will be available in the world’s mobile market in the next month. The production is almost double than its previous production in the market. like its quantity, the Apple is also expecting huge profit in the next 4 months. Apple is expecting $38.5 billion as sale in the first four months after its launch in the market.

Challenges for Apple

iPhone 6 is under crisis for last couple of months. The Russian and Chinese hackers believe that iPhone steal the personal information of a user by a specific chip installed for its security agencies like FBI. Therefore iPhone 6 is banned in Russia and China for government officials. Though Apple’s CEO and other company officials repeatedly denied this fact but Chinese and Russians are not satisfied. The Germans are also facing same threats for iPhone 6 though they have not given any official statement like Chinese and Russians.

Expected Features and User Satisfaction

iPhone 6 reportedly launching with 1 GB RAM that is far less than its competitors like Samsung, LG and HTC in the market. Moreover there were so many talks on its scratch proof screen that often Apple claimed but a video proved that iPhone 6 was not scratch proof. After this video Apple decided to delay its launch in Sept and decided to enhance its quantity in the market. The display is not clear of iPhone 6, whether it is 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch large. It is still a rumor that iPhone has finger print sensor. iPhone 6 is launching with aluminum body that make it stronger one than its previous models.

People were criticizing iPhone 6 for its low memory of 1 GB as announced by Apple last Monday but experts believe that 1 GB is not too low to support its operating system and iPhone 6 will work quite efficiently with this memory. The memory is enough, if a user uses two app at a time. This will not impact the overall efficiency of the iPhone 6 but using more than two app at the same time, may slow down the speed of your mobile. Apple may face some difficulties in selling its flagship due to issue raised by Chinese and Russian hackers but Apple did not consider it as a serious matter and ignored it at all after releasing a short statement that Apple respects the privacy of a user.

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