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Is a Covid-19 test required to fly Delta?

rosekim January 3, 2022

Have you booked your flights with Delta Airlines? Most of you want to know if Covid-19 tests are required to fly in the airlines since we all know how this pandemic has affected all industries. But what is most important is the safety of the passengers travelling on the flights. Being safe is essential for the passengers and other service agents of the Airports you interact with while travelling.

You must be wondering: Is a Covid test required to fly Delta?

Then yes, you do require a covid-19 test to fly with Delta Airlines.

There are various requirements to enter Delta Airlines. This guide will help you know about the covid-19 tests requirements:

Only the passengers who have covid-19 positive reports are allowed inside Delta Airlines.

Entry in the flights is strictly not allowed for the passengers who do not have a covid-19 test report.

Only the “fully Vaccinated” passengers who have completed both 1st and 2nd doses of vaccination can fly with Delta Airlines.

Passengers who have already recovered with the covid-19 are allowed inside the flights with a Negative report certificate of covid-19.

If the passengers do not have covid-19 test reports with them, they can be tested before the departure of the flight and are responsible for the charges of the test reports.

Passengers should have adverse covid-19 test reports then only they are allowed to enter the flights domestically and internationally.

Do I need a Covid test to fly on Delta?

So, if you are planning your trip with Delta Airlines, you must have a covid-19 negative test report with you. For further details regarding the covid-19 test, you may visit the official website of Delta Airlines, where you can see all the terms and conditions regarding the covid-19 test reports to fly with such Airlines. Wrapping it here, I hope that the guide was helpful.

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