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Is Algebra Really Necessary? Where do we use Algebra in my real life?

matrixeducation September 21, 2021

Algebra is math, and there are a significant number of students in Houston who hate math. They think of it as a complicated subject that they are rarely going to use in life. The truth is that algebra is used in daily life; you don’t just see it. Another fact is that algebra is really fun and especially if you approach it with a receptive mindset. Most people just need the right introduction to algebra and when they get it, they find it easier to study and solve the given problems.

Have you ever wondered who introduced Algebra the first time?

You might be studying Algebra now at your home in Houston but Algebra has been in existence for many centuries and appears to originate from the Middle East during Mesopotamia period. The word “algebra” is also an Arabic word that translates to completion or restoration in English.

The first known algebra book was authored by a Persian mathematician, Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī in around 820 AD in Bagdad. The book was titled as “The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing”.

The book introduced a framework of abstract techniques and representational language that is still in use in today’s algebraic equations.

Where do we use Algebra in real life?

Since the beauty of algebra lies in its use of abstract techniques, you might not see or realize it when using it in the real life. It might be because abstraction is the concept that distills the idea of something that exists in reality.

Abstraction can refer to tangible objects in real life like cars, boxes, cakes, laptops, or sacks of rice and can also refer to intangible concepts, such as thoughts and emotions. Even though they cannot be counted or packaged, they exist.

When you learn algebra, what you learn to do is to work with mathematical abstracts and distill the tangible concepts and objects.

Still, don’t get it?

Algebra is an interesting subject that is all about relationships. It helps you learn how a change in one quantity affects another quantity when they are related in a certain way. It provides you probably the first platform to learn problem-solving skills.

Algebra revolves around numbers and studies the way they relate to one another. It categorizes and manipulates them. It uses numbers and unknown values as x and y and utilizes formulas to create equations that are used to solve a variety of real-life problems.

It helps students acquire a good understanding of equations and to develop their skills when working with linear and quadratic equations, exponents, and their functions.

All students should learn at least basic algebra because it acts as a tool that a person uses to do endless numbers of necessary calculations that arise in the course of daily life.

Many students use their algebra knowledge and studies as stepping stones to study advanced math that leads to more advanced learning and potentially better careers in many scientific and technological fields. Always remember that there is always professional help to guide you. So, if you ever feel stuck with algebra, don’t hesitate to consider hiring services of Algebra tutoring in Houston from an experienced and competent Algebra teacher online.

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