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Is At-Home Pet Care Better Than Boarding in Andover?

mybelovedpetnanny September 24, 2021

If you’re planning a trip out of town and considering hiring a professional pet sitter then, probably you are doing the right thing. Many pets are self-sufficient and are frequently left at home with plenty of food and water for a few days. Boarding pets with a veterinarian is also persistent. The advantages of hiring a pet sitter can be quite beneficial to both your cat and your peace of mind.

To those who are unfamiliar with pet sitting, it is when a pet sitter visits someone’s home to care for their pet, similar to babysitting. On the other hand, Pet boarding is entrusting your pet to the care of someone else’s property or facility. Both are popular options for pet parents who need someone to look after their animals while they are away. Here, know about the benefits of getting services from pet sitting companies in Andover and how they are better than boarding.

What is the Difference Between Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding?

Pet owners used to have no choice except to board their animals at a local kennel. Pet boarding is similar to bringing your dog to a hotel, only that all visitors are other animals. Pet sitting, on the other hand, is a viable option. A pet sitter will typically stay at your home while away or visit once or twice each day to care for your pets.

Some pets benefit from boarding, while others are quite content to stay at home. It is entirely dependent on the pet. You can search for the best dog boarding in Wichita to hire one for your pets.

When to Consider Boarding Your Pet

If your pet is a kid, boarding is the greatest alternative. You can sleep better at night knowing he’s getting the potty breaks, attention, and social time he needs to stay happy and occupied. If you have a pet that gets destructive while you’re away, boarding is a better option. Pets who are prone to separation anxiety will benefit from round-the-clock care.

Why is Pet Sitting a Good Option?

Do you have a lot of dogs, cats, or other animals? If that’s the case, pet sitting could be a terrific fit for you. Dogs with a friend or two will not be as lonely as if they were the only pet in the house. Allowing your elderly dogs to be in familiar surroundings will save them from becoming upset. If you have house cats who like to be left alone when you’re at home, a sitter who can come once or twice a day may be all you need.

Why is pet Sitting better than boarding?

  • Love and Attention

While it’s true that your pet may feel lonely while the rest of the family is away, a sitter can frequently provide your pet with plenty of love and care while you’re gone. When an animal is boarded, it is commonly kept in a cage during the day and only let out to urinate itself. Alternatively, to keep your pet’s routine, your pet sitter will take them for long walks around the neighborhood.

  • Friendship is Better

A pet sitter eliminates the need for you to enlist the help of friends and family members to look after your family pet while you are away. Pet sitters are bonded and insured if something goes wrong, and they are well-trained to handle any emergency in your house involving your pet. Being compensated to care for your pet will ensure that they receive daily devotional attention, as well as treats, walks, food, and water. Go for pet sitting services in Andover for better services.

  • A Relief to Pet owners 

The last thing you want to be concerned about when on vacation is your Pet. Family and friends are relieved of the burden by hiring a professional pet sitter. Most pets will choose to stay at home instead of traveling to a foreign area without you because they are creatures of habit and value having their territory. When you’re not around, your pet has just as much trouble as you do. There’s a big difference between leaving her in a foreign place and abandoning her.

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