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ryannesham407 November 12, 2021

Whether your old electric oven has broken down or you’re simply upgrading to a newer model, you’ll want your new oven up and running as soon as possible. And you might be wondering if you can do the installation yourself. In this article, we’ll look at some of the things you should think about if you’re thinking of doing the electric oven repair Coventry.

Is it permissible for you to install an electric oven on your own?

The best option is to leave it to a skilled electrician in Coventry to guarantee that the installation is done safely, like with all electrical work. However, you might wonder if I’m capable of doing it. When deciding whether or not you can do the installation yourself, take into account the following factors:

  • Whether the old and new appliances have the same power rating
  • Whether your circuit is in good working order, and 
  • Whether you have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the job safely. 

We’ll examine each of these factors to assist you in determining the best course of action.

Power Ratings 

A power rating indicates how much energy an appliance needs to operate. This is either in watts (W) or kilowatts (1000W= 1kW), and it can be estimated over time and expressed in kilowatts per hour (kWh).

Each device in your home has its own power rating, which can be found in the user handbook, on the efficiency label, or even on the plug. The power rating of your oven is influenced by its size, capacity, and age. Small ovens with a power rating of less than 3 kW can be plugged into a standard 13-amp outlet.

If you’re replacing a stove that uses less than 3kW with a similar one, you’ll probably only need to unhook and remove the old one before plugging in the new one. The majority of new freestanding electric ovens will be over 3kW in power. These appliances are hard-wired to a separate circuit with a separate on/off control for the cooker. It means that rewiring will be required during the process of uninstalling your old appliance and installing your new one.

electric oven repair Coventry

Replacing a Decade-Old Appliance

If you’re replacing an old oven with a newer one, your new appliance will certainly have a greater power rating. That means your existing oven is on a circuit that may not be able to support your new appliance, and you’ll need to establish a new circuit. Only a Part P qualified electrician can perform this.

Switching Between Circuit-Wired and Non-Circuit-Wired Appliances

When switching between circuit-wired appliances, you must take the power rating differential between the two appliances into account. If the power ratings differ, you’ll need to hire a professional electrician for electric oven repair Coventry and installation to do the appropriate circuit tests and guarantee that the new item is fitted safely. However, if the two appliances have the same power rating, you can do the installation yourself.

Replacing Like with Like

There is no legal necessity to seek the assistance of a licensed electrician to undertake a like-for-like switch. However, besides isolating the source, disconnecting the old appliance, and connecting your new electric oven, the circuit should be verified before and after installation to ensure that everything is electrically safe. The average home is unlikely to access the equipment needed to conduct these tests, let alone the knowledge needed to interpret the results.

You’ll also need to contact a trained electrician to evaluate and confirm your work by providing a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate if you opt to undertake the installation yourself. Failure to do so could result in issues such as your property insurance being cancelled.


For the aforementioned reasons, we believe it is preferable to leave this sort of installation in the hands of a qualified electrician who will assure your safety and the proper operation of your gadget.

Qualified Electricians in Coventry

Skilled and experienced electrical engineers in Coventry handle electrical repairs, installation, and testing. They’ll be pleased to assist you if you call them or request a callback. For further info visit us.

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