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Is It Time To Adjust Your Planters?

Devin February 11, 2021

Usually, the adjustments of the planter are done either in the shop or when they are on the farm.  Often the farmers overlook making adjustments in their planters when in the field or they do not bother at all to make adjustments in the planters having germinator closing wheels.  But it would be a wise decision if the farmers make an adjustment when they first choose to take the planters to the fields. Moreover, checking the planters throughout the season frequently when planting the seeds will provide better results.  Here we are discussing the adjustments of the planters that are necessary for its operation throughout the year.

1. Leveling the Frame

Leveling the frame is the first and foremost thing that a farmer should do with the planter is to level it.  In case, the planter is not leveled properly, chances are high that when the planter will run, it will create uneven depth along with inconsistent spacing between the seeds. As a result, the presence of residue on the planter will add to the woes. Besides, there will not be proper seed-to-soil contact as the seed furrow will not be closed as required.  Therefore, leveling should be done several times, especially during the planting season. To level the frame, you need to set the planter down and set the points to automatically stop at that position.

2. Proper Depth Maintenance

The ideal depth of the planter is highly important for the germination and emergence of the seed. Many farmers forget to check if the planters are making ideal depth for the placing of the seeds. This is required for the proper germination and emergence of the seed. Otherwise, neither the shoots nor the roots will develop properly if the seed depth is less. In case, it is deeper than required, the seed will not be able to germinate and tend to deteriorate.

3. Germinator Closing Wheels

Germinator Closing Wheels work well with the Germinator Wheel Assembly.  The Germinator Closing Wheels are attached to the planter for the closing of the seed furrow where the seeds are placed. They effectively close the seed ‘V’ while reducing the risk of sidewall compaction. At the same time, they remove the air pockets and due to their steel body, the down pressure is also lowered.  The Germinator Closing Wheelshave managed to replace the old and outdated closing wheels with their strong and durable body. Therefore, insist on buying quality Germinator Closing wheelsinstead of traditional standard closing wheels.

4. Down Pressure

The planter as well as the Germinator closing wheels should lower the down pressure so that proper seed to soil contact is made.  Moreover, this will allow firm contact between the gauge wheels and the soil.   Excessive pressure will lead to unwanted wear on the components.  You must check the down force of the planter when it is only ¼ full. This is because when the planter is full,  you will not have enough weight on all the units.  Therefore, insist on maintaining lower down pressure so that the additional weight is not there on the seed.

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