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Is It Worth The Money To Have Polished Concrete Floors In London?

emmastone12 September 7, 2021

The majority of people believe polished concrete floor in London is pricey because it appears to be such. It’s easy to imagine it in palaces and five-star hotels, and with the elegant, modern aesthetic it gives any room, it’s no surprise that most people believe it’s beyond of reach.

Moreover, the great news is that polished concrete is much more economical than it appears, and in the long term, a polished concrete floor may save you money over other flooring options.

Polished concrete rises to the top of the heap when measured in terms of value rather than price. Polished concrete in London costs roughly half as much as carpet or epoxy floors throughout a fifteen-year life. If adequately maintained (simple, a light mopping with a mild cleanser or water once a week), it can easily last twice as long.

Polished concrete might also have modest side effects that accumulate over time. Climate management might be complex, but a polished concrete floor can make it much easier and less expensive. Even if you don’t go for a radiant hydronic floor, concrete has a high thermal mass and will retain and release heat generated from the sun over the day. It also works in reverse, so if you keep your flooring covered during the day, the concrete will cool overnight, keeping your house a little cooler during the day.

Below are the advantages of polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors offer a classic appearance

When it comes to aesthetics, polished concrete is nearly impossible to surpass. That is why, from its inception, it is the floor of choice for professional architects and interior designers.

There will be no more peeling linoleum, dirty carpet, or ugly orange tiles. Polished concrete is a sophisticated and eye-catching option that serves as a solid foundation on which to create your space’s design. That’s why polished concrete is use in Apple stores and some of London’s best cafes and restaurants.

Furthermore, polished concrete floors can raise the market value of your home, which is something else to consider.

You can choose a concrete grinding style that fits your budget

In a nutshell, the cost of polished concrete is determining by the amount of grinding and polishing required because of the expense of labor and materials. (The “sandpaper” professional architects use is composed of diamonds, so the price adds up). Therefore, a light grind will be less expensive than a heavy grind. A medium grind and polish will give you an excellent, subtle choice.

However, if you have chosen something more intricate, such as bespoke colors or unusual aggregate, you’ll want a more challenging grind to bring out the complexity.

Moreover, it is crucial to understand that polished concrete offers a wide range of possibilities. Polished concrete is adaptable not just in terms of appearance but also in terms of cost. Do not despair if you have fallen in love with the polished concrete aesthetic but don’t think you have the funds for it. You may easily adjust the scope of your project to fit your budget.

Seal and grind

By grinding the concrete to your preferred exposure levels and applying polyurethane and water-based sealants, the grind and seal procedure imitates the look of polished concrete. The surface is not mechanically polishe like polished concrete, yet it nevertheless has a glossy appearance. As a result, it is less expensive than mechanically polished concrete.

Furthermore, while grind and concrete seal floors are more durable than many other flooring options. Also, they need more upkeep than polished concrete. So because the sealer rests on top of the concrete, it is more susceptible to damage, necessitating reapplications of sealant every few years.

Mechanically polished concrete floors

Before adding a chemical hardener that absorbs the concrete and makes it denser, manually polish concrete is ground, honed. Also, polished with diamond abrasives. Because the sealant absorbs concrete instead of sitting on top of a separate module. Therefore, polished concrete is far more resilient than grind and seal.

Moreover, concrete’s durability and longevity increase when it is polished. Therefore, making it one of the most hard-wearing and resilient flooring surfaces available.

Aside from its durability and aesthetic appeal, polished concrete is highly adaptable, allowing you to tailor your floor to your specific needs. Colors, aggregate exposure, gloss level, patterns. Therefore, if you can think of it, polished concrete can make it happen. However, the price will vary depending on your options.

In conclusion, if you want to save cost throughout a building’s life, polished concrete is the way to go. The fact that it’s attractive, long-lasting, and simple to clean is the icing on the cake.

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