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ISO Certification – A Growth Ladder for Small Businesses

John Miller December 18, 2017

The most prevalent myth about ISO Certification is that it only benefits large organizations. But, don’t pay heed to such discussions because the international quality standards prescribed by the International Organization for Standardization holds exactly the same for large corporate as well as small business houses. So, when an ISO certification consultant stresses on getting certified, it’s nothing to do with the size of your organization, but the adherence of your services, products, and systems to the quality, efficiency, and safety standards complied by the ISO body.

For a business start-up or a mid-size company, another obvious question is whether ISO certification is necessary? Is it really worth the money and effort that goes into getting certified and stay compliant to the quality standards? You would be surprised to know that as whopping as 98% of the organizations have answered these questions with a resounding ‘Yes’ and have rated ISO certification a good or a very good investment. With more than dozens of studies on ISO indicating strong business advantages, a review of 82 such studies in 2012 revealed clear benefits for organizations concerning operations, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Getting ISO Certified

The quality management standards proposed by ISO bring a solid base to companies in satisfying their customers by delivering quality services. Following are some of the key benefits of getting your product or services ISO certified:

  • Step toward new markets – Being ISO compliant means a big step toward grabbing new business opportunities. With the ISO certification, your organization will qualify for many governments, semi-government contracts or might get you a large mega corporate project. The certification will be a credible yardstick for your organization to showcase its delivery capability and quality adherence before the international market for sure.
  • Quality products, superior services – Adherence to international quality standards not only will make your products of higher quality, but will better your engagement models and delivery processes. And being known for providing high-quality products or services means a greater brand value in the market.
  • Satisfied customer, successful business – For any organization, the first and foremost aim is to gain a good number of happy customers; because happy customers means great business. On the way to getting certified and staying ISO compliant, businesses make their process so tight and aligned with the customer requirements that they become better, quicker, and smarter in terms of customer relationships.
  • Greater business efficiency – As a small organization, it is important to be efficient regarding resource allocation, project planning, and risk assessment, etc. Running an ISO compliant system enables businesses in streamlining the entire process where the senior management gets the clear picture of time, resources, and failures to take appropriate business decisions at the right time. The ISO quality management system is indeed a proven way to improve efficiency and save money.

Easy to Get Certified with the Help of an ISO Certification Consultant

Finally, along with these benefits, ISO certification gives your company the international quality recognition. ISO is a highly respectable compliance standard compiled by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and gives any organization international-level recognition. Moreover, it’s not difficult to get certified, with the help of any authorized ISO consultants, it’s easy for any business to get certified and staying compliant. So, we must say when ISO certification or compliance is necessary for large corporations for better business efficiency, for small or mid-size businesses, this is undoubtedly an ideal opportunity to stand strong before a global audience.

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