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Jerusalem Pictures – Contemporary Art

artlevin September 20, 2021

Contemporary Jewish art is a very important subject in the field of art history, and in history in general. This theme encompasses a series of paintings that are a reflection of experiences, events, and emotions lived in certain eras that continue to maintain their essence through art.

There are many paintings related to contemporary Jewish art that convey very impressive messages characteristic of certain eras. Jerusalem pictures tell the story of their authors and the moments they lived through in order to materialize their works and immortalize them so that they could prevail throughout history.

Sunrise behind the Kotel Painting

Jerusalem pictures.

Jerusalem pictures are mainly represented by certain characteristics such as stains created by the same brushstroke on the canvas. This causes the viewer’s perception to blend these colors. Painting scenes of everyday life was a simple pretext for the study of light, color, and the perception of these just by using paint in those times.

Contemporary Jewish art shows certain impressionists who used painting as their outlet for art since the painting was the best way to present the emotions and thoughts they wanted to convey. The concerns that the impressionists had, arose from the context that was being experienced at the time.

Jerusalem pictures show different panoramas, events, monuments, and landscapes that transmit the events of those times, the lifestyle, and the history of everything around them. Each painting encompasses a mystery and a very particular message with a very significant background.

Some of the most emblematic Jerusalem pictures are: the Sunrise behind the Kotel in Jerusalem, Old Jerusalem behind the Olive Tree, Temple – the soul of Jerusalem, Pilgrimage to the second Jerusalem Temple, Welcome to Jerusalem, Light of the third Jerusalem Temple, among many others.

Each of these titles is historically linked to the paintings that were made at that time and continues to have historical and significant value over the years.

Jerusalem and Venice: The Rainy day painting

The rainy day painting is a reflection of the symphony of beautiful music created by different composers of that time. It focuses on the beauty of forty paintings that tell idyllic and magical anecdotes reflected by rainwater at certain times of the day.

Venice modern painting

Rainy day painting is capable of transmitting a series of iconic and special moments that can only be understood differently by each viewer. At the same time, it reflects the same message of affection, melancholy, and unique moments that are only experienced once but that can become eternal thanks to painting.

It is incredible to enjoy the different sensations that these rainy paintings are capable of making anyone who observes them to feel. Painting is a way of transmitting experiences, thoughts, and points of view that can affect anyone positively or negatively. Human beings live experiences that bring happiness, sadness, or anger. It all depends on rationality and circumstances.

The impact of the rain in different scenarios through painting makes the impact of this type of work to be great and to prevail in time without losing the essence and purpose of its creation.

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