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John Deere 5405 Tractor Characteristics With Price

sahilji October 6, 2021

John Deere 5405 is a very popular tractor model which is known for its multi-utilization and versatile nature. The tractor is very valuable for agricultural purposes along with heavy-duty implements. John Deere 5405 tractor is mainly used for higher support in overall operations, consumes lower maintenance costs. The John Deere family offers a wide range of tractors to make your farming easy and productive.

Why Did A Farmer Choose A John Deere 5405 Tractor?

Farmers always choose the perfect tractor, and John Deere 5405 tractor is one of them because of its adaptable nature and unique features. 

  1. John Deere 5405 tractor comes with a 63 HP tractor for better productivity in farms. It has a robust engine 2100 ERPM.
  1. It is equipped with 3 cylinders which provide better output into fields. 
  1. John Deere 5405 tractor has a Dry Type, Dual-Element air cleaner with a Coolant cooled with overflow reservoir cooling technology.
  1. It has a Dual-clutch with Collar Shift type transmission and Oil Immersed Disc Brakes for expected performance and output in the field.
  1. John Deere 5405 tractor has a good fuel capacity of 68 liters with excellent Power steering mode.
  1. Its 2WD/ 4WD can easily control the tractor, with the front tyres 6.5 x 20 / 11.2 x 24 and rear tyres 16.9 x 30 / 18.4 x 30 
  1. John Deere 5405 tractor comes with 12 Forward + 4 Reverse gearboxes and has a warranty of 5000 hours or 5 years.
  1. It has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 2000 Kg with a GVW of 2280 KG for better lifting and pulling tasks on the field. 

Price Of John Deere 5405 tractor 

John Deere 5405 tractor price starts from Rs. 8.80 Lakh*- Rs. 10.90 Lakh* in India. Its price is very affordable for every small Indian farmer. This price may differ according to the region and state of India.

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