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Journey of FeetPort: Interview with Saraansh Tandon

Ashish Kumar July 19, 2017

Saraansh Tandon

Saraansh Tandon, CEO at FeetPort. He envisioned, designed and developed FeetPort by handpicking the team members from scratch. He is focussed to deliver the best customer experience by giving attention to detail and making things in the most obvious manner.

  • How did you get the idea for this product and what all problems does your FeetPort solve?

We started out by solving a problem for ourselves since in our group company, we operate for a bunch of telecom, finance, banking companies to facilitate their inspection and verification processes for the new customers. Doing that, we developed a platform for not just automating the operations of the mentioned use-case, but going beyond and solving problems for all kinds of field teams. Using mobile and web enabled platforms, our platform enables organisations to make their field teams far more efficient and managed than before.

  • How did you validate the idea of your product, FeetPort?

We had an in-house beta test with our verification & inspection team

  • What is the tech stack of FeetPort and what all third-party services are you using?

On our server side, we have a Node.js Express based console which uses MySQL, DynamoDB and Redis to store/cache data. Since we’re deployed on Amazon, all our storage is handled by S3 and delivery through Cloudfront.

  • What were all the biggest challenges that you faced while creating the product?

Dynamism for specific use-cases was the biggest challenge and the most innovative thing to design and work on.

  • What is your current team size and how did you hire them?

We have a lean team of 14 people which design, develop and maintain the platform

  • What is your business model and how have you grown your revenue?

We have a one-time setup cost for the account which is followed by user license cost which is payable monthly or annually

  • What advice would you like to give to the new and upcoming founders?

It is important to plan and envision what lies ahead of you than what you’re currently doing. Without a plan, no design can be accomplished.

  • Which websites do you refer to learn something new and what are your favorite topics?

Linkedin Learning, Coursera, Udemy for courses and for updates on tech, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Verge.

  • How much are you spending on third-party services?

We spend close to 15% of our expenses on 3rd party services

  • Which of your marketing strategies has proved to be the most effective for promoting your product?

Since we’re in B2B, digital marketing on social doesn’t help much. Email works at times, but its very time and geography specific. So word of mouth is the best one for us. Hence, we concentrate on making our website and apps look and deliver the best experience.

  • What changes do you wish to see in tech-world?

Standardisation of protocols should be something to solve. Like we have standard protocols for Email, Calendar and Contacts, we should also have some standard API protocols based on action/triggers so that interoperability across apps is made easier than it is today.

  • Did you ever face the chicken and the egg problem? If yes, then how did you solve it?

Yes ofcourse! We had to work in tandem. We focussed on single use-case to begin with and later on diversified our platform after getting success with the first one.

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