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Key Things to consider before you hire a Shopify expert!

Hire_Shopify_Experts October 1, 2020

Are you looking to hire a Shopify expert for your store? Designer, developer, setup, marketing? Get off the right start by learning how to hire the best Shopify experts. Here we will tell you how to hire a Shopify Expert the right way.

When it comes to e-commerce, you want to stand out. With the ease of accessibility meaning everyone from stay-at-home mums to big enterprises are looking to sell online, you need to deal with this competition.

Initially, you need to identify the issue and what you are looking for so that you can find someone suitable, it’s possible that instead of developer you need a Shopify Designer. While doing this make sure that you find the right kind of expert to help and writing things down will help you get the multiple quotes quickly.

Here are Key Things to consider before you hire a Shopify expert!


Generally, location is not a major issue because most Shopify Experts do not need to meet their clients face to face. Today everything is digital that saves your time, money, & efforts. You can work with a Shopify Expert anywhere in the globe and tap into their skills. Shopify Experts use online tools such as sketch and Invasion to prototype reducing the need for a face to face meetings. You can browse through the top Shopify Experts in almost anywhere globally if you’re looking for someone locally or in your time zone at least.


Of course, pricing is one of the most important parts of the process that decides to choose Shopify experts. Seasoned Shopify expert won’t hesitate to give you a ballpark figure once you have given them a clear & brief description of what you want to change in your store.

You can Hire Shopify Experts who fits in your budget instead of outlaying the money on your business without first shopping around. SO most Shopify experts will already know about this and be happy to oblige.

Check portfolios

Most Shopify experts are adaptable but they might have general aesthetics that they adhere too or have a lack of experience in your specific niche. So, looking at previous work can determine if it’s going to work out.

Here, the project made by reliable Shopify Developers is often linked to their websites so better to try them out, test it, and see how easy they are to use.

Generally, price and portfolio go hand in hand. You can predict the price of the services that the expert quotes based on the quality of the work they have done for previous clients.

Why should you Gire a Developer an official Shopify Expert?

If you want a quality Shopify development work, Shopify experts are carefully vetted through a stringent process before they can even apply to be included in the Shopify Experts program.

Shopify Expert must demonstrate a high level of knowledge to be allowed to get into the program including a commitment to design & development on the Shopify platform.

The people or companies that have been included in the Shopify ExpertsProgram have been able to show that they are authorities in their line of work and have the experience to back it up! Why would you want to trust your business and brand to any less?

Are all Shopify Experts capable of design, setup, & development?

No. There are 5 categories:

Shopify designers — who deal with visuals.

Shopify Developers — primarily working on the back end and apps.

Setup Experts — deal with store setup and configuration

Marketing Experts — Can help give you the edge over your competition, bringing customers to your store through various digital marketing strategies like SEO and digital marketing.

Photography Experts — Helps draw attention to your products using strategic positioning and photography.


Now there are many Shopify experts that are listed under one category because of the specialty of their services, whereas some might have experience in a specific package so that is why it is important for you to understand exactly what you want? Some Shopify Experts also deal with Shopify Plus, in case you are using this platform rather than the regular Shopify platform you should Hire Shopify Expert.

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