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Kid-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

zaraide April 30, 2021

Decorating your home is something you may love to do! In most homes with kids, they are more likely to take over and be a part of all the rooms. So it is crucial to make them feel at home just as much as everyone else by decorating the house in a kid-friendly manner. Creating a kid-friendly space allows you a free run on bright colours and patterns! It can be more fun than your usual decorating spree! If you have decided to buy a flat in Kerala for yourself, you might be interested in decorating the place yourself. Here are a few kid-friendly home decorating ideas brought for you.

Child-Friendly Living Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating a living room to fit a family with kids is easy! Go for a minimal living room with a large sectional durable Sofa. There will be ample room for everyone to sit and relax. More pillows or cushions add to the comfort! Also, think of accent seating like Bean bags which may appeal to your kids. They may enjoy sinking in to read or watch TV.

If you have pouffes to sit on, that will be comfortable when more children come over to play or party. You can stack them away when the party is over. A durable rug that is easy to clean is essential for your living room because kids will be doing their crafts, eating snacks and also TV time in the living room!

Create a gallery wall to reflect their craft or use bright prints! You have to be using multi-functional furniture when you have kids at home. A coffee table that doubles as a play table for your kids is well and good!

Also, be careful while choosing the furniture. Get rid of sharp corners in the room. Go for accent tables that are round in shape since those are safer for the kids and helps in avoiding injuries.

Child-Friendly Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Even though making a room kids friendly involves more of a practical approach, it does not mean you have to compromise on good home designs.

Choose chairs and tables that are made with hardwearing materials and are easier to wipe down. A breakfast nook bench will make mealtimes simpler when your children are small. You can convert it as seating for teenagers when they get older. Make your dining room more fun and attractive by adding colours, prints and patterns to your furniture.

Child-Friendly Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Soft patterned wallpaper of cars, butterflies or puppies, can be used in kids bedrooms. Brightly coloured walls may probably disturb their sleep. For sleeping, a bunk bed is a wise choice if you have more than one kid! Nowadays, modern bunk beds come with storage and play slide options as well!

Go for the softer shaded lights in kids’ bedrooms. Exposed clothes racks can help them to dress for themselves.

When there are kids at home, there are always the toys strewn around! Use a simple cube bookshelf as storage for toys and books, along with baskets for toys, books and shoes. They can get toys and also put them away.

In their bedroom, make them a cosy nook as a free space for imagination and also for goofing around!

Kid-Friendly Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Make your kitchen safe for children. No sharp edges on anything! A kitchen chalkboard wall is a fun space for kid’s creations and grocery lists. With booth seating in the kitchen, your kids can do projects and homework under your supervision while doing kitchen chores.

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Enable your children to use bathrooms independently. Colourful step-stools for hand washing and teeth brushing are helpful for little ones.

With these Kid-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas, you can bring the fun aspect of home decor.

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