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Know Everything about Height Gain

samarpahwa September 14, 2016


A good height is a marker of proper growth and therefore every parent wants his/her child to grow taller to its maximum height. People commonly focus on physical activities and nutrition for maximum growth which is valid but there are other factors beside these main factors which play a major role in determining your full height. Here we will discuss that what are the things you should know about height gain in order to achieve your maximum height.

Growth period

There is lot of confusion over the growth period because some facts states that body grows during puberty and you cannot grow tall after that period. On the other hand, many facts state that it is possible to gain inches even after puberty. Therefore, rather than getting confused you should act by yourself and try to gather some information regarding your growth:

  • Discover your most rapid periods of growth
  • Compare your growth with friends of your age
  • Chart your growth to determine how much you want to grow further
  • Learn the difference of growth pattern of both genders
  • Learn about the age when you are likely to experience a growth spurt
  • Learn about till what age you can grow up to
  • Factors that influence your growth at any age

Spinal column

This is the important component which projects your height and growth. Having complete and right information about its structure and function can increase your growth and height potential. Knowledge about your spinal column can help you in understanding

  • How stimulation of intervertebral discs is essential to grow taller
  • Which muscles and ligaments must be kept flexible and strong in order to gain height?
  • How spinal curve can add or kill inches from your height

Growth arresting conditions and disorders

There are many conditions and disorders which lead to stunted growth. Some of them are easy to detect and some are not. Here are some common disorders and conditions which you must be aware of so that you can easily rectify them

  • Height decreasing abnormalities of girls and boys and their solution
  • Conditions related to legs and knees which can cause stunted growth
  • Vitamin deficiencies which can inhibit growth
  • Learn about treatments which can rectify and prevent growth arresting conditions
  • Learn about how to develop a growth enhancing environment around yourself
  • Learn about daily practices which inhibits the secretion of growth hormone


The quality, quantity and type of diet we consume greatly affect our height, growth and overall health and therefore learning about the secrets about nutrition can help you in gaining height and increasing your growth potential. Here are the following things you should know about nutrients

  • List of food rich in proteins because proteins are responsible for growth on macro and micro level
  • Learn an easy formula to calculate the required amount of protein in your diet to stimulate growth
  • Difference between simple and complex carbohydrate so that you can avoid the unnecessary ones
  • Healthy fat sources and how they help in growth
  • How specific vitamins and minerals can facilitate and maximize your height gain
  • What vitamin and mineral combination can significantly affect the growth rate
  • Learn about food items which are high in height gaining vitamins and minerals
  • Learn about growth arresting deficiencies of vitamins and minerals


Our body produces more growth hormone during sleep and therefore it is important to take enough amount of sleep. You should know about

  • How you can gain inches during sleep
  • Why the spine lengthen during sleep
  • How much sleep you need to get to leave a positive impact on your height
  • Beneficial events triggered by sleep which directly affect your height


Correct posture is very essential to maximize your height and therefore you should know about

  • How incorrect posture can cause misalignment of spine, strains ligaments and muscles of the back and leads to height loss
  • Learn how a healthy spine should appear and how to maintain the correct shape
  • Methods to check and correct your postural alignment
  • Avoid bending and lifting which can cause degeneration of discs which cause loss of height
  • Learn about correct postures for sitting, standing and lying down so that you can remove the undue pressure and compression of the discs

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Dressing wisely can make you appear tall and thin adding more features to your personality therefore with the help of visual elements of clothes and their designs you can manipulate the way your height is perceived and you can appear taller. You have to learn about creating illusion for greater height by:

  • Using lines in clothes to appear tall and slim
  • Learning about clothes which makes you appear short and wide
  • Learning about colours which make you appear tall and slim
  • Learning about clothes which make your legs or upper torso appear longer

By gathering correct information about above mentioned points, you can easily gain more inches to your height and easily maintain it. It is important to note that gaining height should not be the only goal; your main goal should be becoming confident and representing yourself smartly.

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