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Knowing PHP 7: Features and Benefits Explained

Davy Greene January 12, 2016

PHP 7 Features and Benefits

Since the past seven years, the PHP script has been ruling the programming world and enjoying unparalleled popularity amongst creative web developers. With the arrival of the latest version of this programming language, both website developers and owners are at the receiving end of significant benefits. Before the advent of PHP 7, web developers were using the PHP 5.6 version. And it is here that they have an important question to ask.

For using PHP 7 successfully, is it essential to gather knowledge on PHP 6? Or the latest version allows direct use? Well, it is possible to use this current version directly, after getting aware of its features and benefits. You can get PHP training in Chandigarh for more knowledge on the topic.

As one of the biggest updates in several years, the current version of PHP offers some of the advanced features as well as minor changes from the previous versions. Read the following article, as it provides a brief overview of the features of PHP 7.

• Flagship feature

One of the crucial and most surprising features of PHP 7 is its high performance. With this particular version, programmers will experience a performance that is almost 3-times better than the 5.6 version of PHP.

• Featuring minor changes

Other than that, the latest version also exhibits quite a few minor changes. Some of these changes include the presence of spaceship operator, return-type declarations as well as reduced usage of memory. Additionally, the latest version of PHP also features a few breaking changes. These changes include reserved keywords and the removal of magic quotes and safe mode.

• Presence of JIT Engine

Quite similar to the other programming script Java, PHP 7 features a JIT Engine. Through this particular engine, coders have complete liberty of allowing multiple calls to same codes. Quite inevitably, it helps the code run faster, thus ensuring complete satisfaction for both the website owner and the skilled coder.

• Standalone multi-thread web-servers

Another unique feature of this updated version of PHP is its standalone multi-thread web-servers. The presence of this particular feature ensures the appropriate maintenance of traffic, in the most economical manner. With the capacity of handling multiple requests on a single memory-pool, this particular feature adds value to the efficiency of PHP 7. Quite naturally, it is one of the factors responsible for the popularity of this latest version.

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• Presence of intermediary structure

Apart from the ones mentioned above, PHP 7 features several other aspects. The presence of an intermediary structure is one amongst the many fantastic features of this version. Known as AST or Abstract Syntax Tree, the intermediate structure helps in the process of PHP compilation. By exposing quite a few plug-ins and extensions, this particular structure offers great programming assistance to coders.

Additionally, it also helps coders utilize code analyzing tools such as Static-code analyzers for detecting bugs in the code.

• Offering flexibility to coders

As the consequence of using this upgraded version of PHP, there has been a massive enhancement in the convenience of coders. WordPress apps no longer require partial re-engineering and shares great compatibility with PHP 7. Therefore, coders are enjoying optimum flexibility and convenience while coding, thus creating further avenues for this programming script.

PHP was, is and always will be one of the most dependable and popular programming scripts. Although there were some minor glitches in the previous versions, this particular programming language never lost out on efficiency. Presently, with the availability of PHP 7, coders will enjoy coding on the best upgraded platform.

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