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List Of Ethnic Nose Ring Designs You Should Know

angelaj July 9, 2019

The bridal ensemble is not complete without a nose pin or ring. These days, most of the women prefer to go simple and wear minimalist rings to match their lifestyle. The bridal nose rings are quite different from that you wear every day.

A nose ring has a huge significance in our culture. Almost every Indian woman prefers to wear a nose ornament on special occasion. It is a part and parcel of the attire chosen every day. Let us find out the best traditional options you can work on and find the ideal designs to match your personality.

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Types of Naths

Commonly known as ‘nath’, nose rings are one of the best possessions for a girl in her jewelry box. Here is a list of traditional nose rings that we find in various cultures and religions.

  • Mukuttis

Mukuttis is the Western Indian jewelry items you will find adorned by Maharashtra or Goa natives. This particular type of nath is smaller and has a round shape. In most of the cases, the brides in Karnataka and Kerala wear this nose ring both sides. It has a beautiful significance in the bridal jewelry collection.

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  • Fan Shaped Style

This typical nose ring design is very popular in the northern states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal. Apparently, these nose rings resemble a hand fan and also come with exclusive embellishments. The majority of the designs comprise of pearls, stones and diamonds. These studded nose ornaments are ideal for the brides who want to look exclusive on their special day.

  • Spoked Style

This particular design of nath comprises of spokes in the peripheral part. The spoked nath is comparatively very popular among the brides in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Most of the designs are bigger in size and generally hang on the upper lips of the wearer. The bigger designs often fall over the mouth vertically.

  • Laung

The name of the nose rings speaks for itself. Laung means clove in Hindi. The nose ring design has an impeccable similarity to that a clove. The minimalist items come with a stone-stud clove-shaped design adored by the unmarried ladies in the social events. Whether it is a marriage or a function, the ladies in the northern states like to wear laung nath along with their traditional attire.

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  • Punjabi Nath

The nose ring list is incomplete without mentioning a Punjabi nath. This is a traditional nose ring design that is a mandatory part of a Punjabi bride. It has a medium-to-large hoop that adds charms in it. The simplest hoops look the most elegant. The design is completed by adding a chain that connects this hoop in the nose with the hair.

  • Nathani

The heavier version of a nath is a nathani. It is an ethnic nose ring that comes with charms and embellishments. It is heavier in weight and volume.

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