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Loft Conversions in London

sophiaisabelle November 17, 2021

The Loft conversion companies in London design and build several loft conversions, transforming them into stunning spaces. Some Londoners need more space to accommodate a growing family but cannot afford to relocate. Others are looking for that one room in the house that they can truly call home. The loft conversion firms are the place to go for everything you need in a loft conversion. Their goal is to make a loft conversion in London as easy and stress-free as possible. They can handle the entire design and construction process for you as well as assigning you a dedicated Project Manager.

Are you considering downsizing and relocating? A loft conversion can add up to twenty-five percent to the value of your London home. As a result, it’s likely to generate a profit in the long run. Every loft conversion project is carefully tailored to the client’s requirements and includes everything they may require. It could include the most up-to-date bathroom suites and wet rooms on the market, as well as stunning design features like skylights, balconies, and other ways to maximize natural light. They can also put in stairwells, built-in storage, and furniture, as well as lighting and electrical services.

Contact them right away to get started on your London Loft Conversion.

Contact them today to register a free site survey and start planning your custom loft conversion. See their interactive map of London for a list of areas they cover and some of their favorite case studies of loft conversions they’ve done near you.

You’ll also find information on the loft conversion planning process, costs in London, loft storage ideas, case studies, a loft conversion gallery, and client testimonials on their site. This will give you a taste of their one-of-a-kind service.

Questions to Ask Before a Loft Conversion

While the loft conversion experts in Hertfordshire are dedicated to making your loft conversion ideal, there are a few things to consider before you decide to convert your loft into an extra bedroom.

First and foremost, can you afford it? 

Clients who want to complete a loft conversion as cheaply as possible frequently skip out on building a staircase for the home expansion, lowering the value of the loft area. Without proper access, the space cannot be utilized to its full potential. Even if you are extending your loft to create an extra room that you will not use all of the time, the loft will not count as additional living space when it comes time to sell your home – which will inevitably happen at some point – and you’ll not receive a higher price for it.

Do you intend to build a bathroom in your loft? 

If you’re going to convert your loft into a bedroom, it’s very normal for clients to want a bathroom as well, as this adds to the bedroom’s privacy. While this can add to the expense, our testimonials show that it’s often worth it.

Is there enough room for you?

Not all lofts are ideal for conversion; regardless of who’ll be living in the room, we always advise people to treat the space as a double and design around the premise that a double bed must fit. What will happen to the bed? Is there enough roof space for someone to climb in and out of bed from both sides comfortably?

How well is the new room soundproofed? 

Noise pollution in homes is a common source of contention among families and roommates. A basic yell test may suffice here, but you’ll also need to test for things like footfall and other noises before starting the conversion to see whether the area needs to be soundproofed. While this may appear to be an expensive decision, it will pay off in the long run, and it will be much easier to accomplish while the loft conversion is in progress rather than later.

Is there sufficient light? 

Typically, lofts don’t have windows, but the sloped roof lends itself to installing a skylight. Mostly, people prefer this option because they want to maximize the amount of light accessible, not to mention the possibility of stargazing!

How much space do you require?

You can now utilize the room as storage and a bedroom or living space for someone, depending on the size of your loft and the volume of stuff you need to store. Lofts are frequently used for storage before being converted, and there are times when there is simply no other place for the items that were previously stored to go. This is something you should think about before starting the process of having your loft converted, as there’s no use in converting a room that will be crammed with items. Discuss how the loft conversion experts in Hertfordshire can incorporate storage into your conversion with their team members.

That’s just a sample of the things you should think about before making the best investment you’ll ever make in your home!

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