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MAC Made Easy: Creating PDF Files From Scratch On Your MacBook

rebeccarogers11 July 9, 2020

While daunting to some, creating and accessing PDF files on a Mac is not a challenging task as it is said on this page. Even people with a very rudimentary knowledge of computers or no prior experience with Macbooks can convert files into PDF to make the viewing process easy. The best part about PDF files is they provide a consolidated, yet distraction-free reading experience, which is essential for Doc files or albums. 

Despite the availability of Adobe Reader, PDF files do not need any dedicated software to open. Since most browsers support these formats, and most phones come pre-installed with essential PDF reading tools, which makes PDF files the easiest way to share documents. And you can easily learn How to Change Default PDF Viewer.

With a little help from this guide, one can easily convert both existing documents and photos into the smart and easy PDF formats. Read on to find out how to create a PDF file on your Mac in a few easy steps- 

Convert An Existing Document On Your Mac Into A PDF File

If you have a document ready and waiting on your Mac to be converted into a PDF file, the following steps will solve your problem-

  • Open the document that you want to save as a PDF.
  • From the toolbar on top, choose the File menu and click on the Print option.
  • This should open a Print pop-up or dialogue box with a few choices. Alternatively, You can substitute the first two steps by clicking the command button (CMD) + P, and the same dialogue box will open.
  • Among the offered choices, you will find the  Save as PDF option.
  • After you are done clicking, choose a name for the PDF file and location on your laptop where you want the file saved.
  • You can also choose to fill other pieces of information in the other blank boxes like Author, Title, etc. or you can avoid this step entirely for convenience.
  • You can also password protect your document by clicking on Security options, then typing your password out and verifying it.
  • To add further layers of security, you will have options that will require your password to open the document, copy from the text, and to print the document. You can choose to ignore this step too.
  • Once you have selected your choices, click OK or Save, and you will find your saved PDF file at the location you had previously defined!

Save A Document On A Web-page As A PDF File

In case you want to save a receipt of a purchase you have made from a web page as proof, click on the PDF pop-up menu and choose to Save to web Receipts. The PDF will be placed in the Web Receipts folder in your Documents folder.

If you are working on a document and are planning to send it to someone, you can click on the text and choose Export as PDF

You can also use free Word to PDF convertor online and drag and drop the document if you have a Word file.

Create A PDF From Images And Documents In Preview

To open any image file on Preview, you have to double click on it. You can also select as many pictures as you want together from a folder and click on File Open on the toolbar (or Press Command O) for the shortcut, and your images will all appear together on Preview.

  • Then, click on the side left-bar and choose Thumbnails. To select them all together, you have to Shift-Click on the last picture on the sidebar, and you will have all selected.
  • After you have done that, click on File Print, and you will see a dialog box appearing. You can preview the pictures before you print them. You can then go to the PDF option on the bottom left of the dialog box and either click on Save as PDF or Open in Preview. If you click on Open in Preview, you can view the PDF with the images in it. To convert it all in the same orientation, turn the Auto Rotate off. Click OK

There’s a quicker and more comfortable procedure if you want to convert just one picture into a PDF file, all you have to do is press control + click on it, and a context menu will appear. You will find a Quick action option followed by some options besides the arrow. Go to create PDF, and you will have a PDF file created just like that!

 In case you want to have one or more pictures in a single PDF file, select all the images you want and press control + click on one of them. You will then find a context menu. Click on Quick Action and choose to Create PDF.

You can also select the pictures and go to the View option in the toolbar on the top. You will find a Show Preview option. Click on it. A sidebar will appear. Scroll down, and you will find a Create PDF option underneath. If not, click on More, and you will find the option. Your PDF will be created immediately. 

You can also select the pictures and drag and drop them on Pages (the app available on your Mac) and edit as you wish. After writing, you can follow the same method by going to File Print and Save as PDF.

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