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Man With Van Vs. Professional Removals Company Which Option Is Best While Moving House?

sophiaisabelle November 17, 2021

There are three alternatives open to movers when it comes to the relocation process. To begin, you have the option of going it alone, packing everything yourself, and transporting your belongings in your own car or a rented van (which will probably involve several trips back and forward between properties). Second, you may opt for some extra assistance from a man with a van, who will primarily assist you in transporting your belongings. Alternatively, if you’d prefer the professional house movers to take charge and make the process as stress-free as possible, you could hire a house removal company.

If the 2nd or 3rd options mentioned above pique your interest in your upcoming move, but you are not sure which is best for you, we can help! To help you decide, read on to learn more about the differences between hiring a man with a van and employing a removal business.

1. Experience

A man and van service in Wembley are unlikely to have extensive experience with large-scale moves and the practice that accompanies them. They are more likely to have assisted people in moving a few items between locations and are thus better suited to small-scale moves, such as moving out of student housing or a room in a shared house. Furthermore, they may not be insured, which means that you will not cover any damage to your belongings, which is an important consideration to keep in mind. When you hire a removal company, you can rest assured that they will have extensive experience with moves of all sizes, from one-bedroom flats to five-bedroom houses. Their employees will have completed training and qualifications. Most importantly, you will have a sense of peace knowing that they’ll be wholly insured in case of damage – what a relief! In conclusion, you can rest assured that your belongings are in the hands of professionals who will treat them with the utmost care based on their knowledge and experience.

2. Service

If you employ a man with a van, you’ll get exactly that: someone to help you load a few boxes into their van and transport them to your new home. If they are a one-man-band, they are unlikely to offer additional services such as packing, and you will almost certainly be expected to assist them in moving the majority of the boxes. In contrast, a removal company will provide a complete, comprehensive service that eliminates all stress on moving day. They will handle all of the heavy liftings when it comes to moving your belongings, and they will have multiple team members available to assist you. They can also help you with packing and dismantling, and reassembling furniture if necessary.

3. Price 

Most people choose to hire a man with a van because it is less expensive. This type of service is undoubtedly less costly than hiring a fully qualified removal company, but you should be aware that you may not receive the required level of service. The price you pay for a removal company reflects the team’s experience and the professional service you will receive. Some things in life deserve paying a little more, and we believe that the safe relocation of your valuable possessions is one of them!


If you’re trying to arrange a house move, hopefully, this information will be helpful. When you consider everything mentioned above, you should figure out which option is best for you on moving day. Their budget influences many homeowners’ decisions, and if they can afford professional removal services, they will use them.

When deciding between the two options, the best thing to do is think about both options and the services you’ll need for your house move, then do your research by speaking with the companies and asking how they’ll make your move easier. A property survey is also an option; see if they will come out and inspect your home and belongings before the move, take an inventory of your furniture, and go over the move details with you, so there are no surprises on moving day.

The house movers in High Wycombe are here to assist you with your move! They will do anything for you to make your move go as smoothly as possible, so why not get the help of our highly trained removal experts? To learn more about their moving services, request a quote today!

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