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Measure your Shopify Store by a Shopify Expert!

Hire_Shopify_Experts October 1, 2020

Generally finding an expert to speed up your Shopify store can be a bit trickier than finding a developer who can code up a new feature for you.

Your Shopify store can be measured in a surprisingly huge number of ways so giving your expert a blank slate of speed up your store is a recipe for disaster and it’s important for you both to agree on what to use as a measure of success.

Shopify provides you over 100 beautiful, professional-looking, mobile-ready storefront themes Comprehensive, flexible e-commerce builder with a large App Store to extend the functionality of your online store

Hosting & Backup Options

Shopify will host your online shop and provides you an unlimited amount of bandwidth.

Mobile E-commerce

Shopify provides you free, built-in-mobile e-commerce shopping cart features so your customers can purchase from your store directly through their devices anywhere in the world.

Page Speed score

Page Speed is one of the important factors, also many owners focus on Page Speed because it can be useful as an Indicator of the things that will help to speed up a store.

How and when to use Page Speed as your goal

In the case of Page Speed saying to a Shopify speed expert: “get me a 95 Page Speed score” is not the best for your customers, the expert, or you.

Page Speed is a great tool for guiding the speed to an expert about what might be possible and how to improve your Page Speed. With their expertise, they implement the things in a proper way and actually help you out to speed up your Shopify Store.

Generally, every store is different so a good Page Speed score depends on your unique set-up. We often don’t recommend using the Page Speed score by itself, but it will be good to ask for it and increase following your expert’s work.

As a rule of thumb, anything over 75 is good, but it depends as your setup may doesn’t make it achievable by any means. In short, the recommendations from Page Speed Insights are good guidance for your Shopify Speed Expert.

Discuss before the work starts that you would like to see an improvement in the scores and ideally end up with both mobile and desktop scores over 75.

Loading time in Seconds

Tools such as GTMetrix offer to measure your store’s loading time in seconds. Here you will get a good indication of how fast your shop loads for users.

How and when to use loading time in seconds as your Goal

Considered every small detail, the on loading time in seconds is a good measure of how fast your shop feels too real users. Do focus on the above points while working with a Shopify Speed Expert.

Generally, the global mean loading time is around 5 seconds. It’s an absolute number to aim for, you need to target your speed expert to achieve this.

Our broad study of the improvement speed experts were able to achieve & found that 40–60% is the typical improvement your store required.

Let’s have a look at what Shopify Store Setup Package Included:

  • Design the Shopify store.
  • Built-in security & SSL.
  • Get a fully functional store setup.
  • Get unlimited products & file storage.
  • Merchant application on both Android & iOS platforms.
  • Facebook Shop.
  • Get 50 product listing and content.

Here are the tools for your Shopify Store to:

  • Set up customer accounts (so your customers can log in into their private accounts to manage their personal information such as address, credit card information, so it’s easier for them to buy next time).
  • Sort your customers by location, money spent, etc., so you can better understand where your customers are from and their spending behaviors, so you can market better to them
  • Insert product images, descriptions/details in the Store.
  • Manage your store inventory.
  • Organize your products into categories so that it can be easier for your prospective customers to find what they need.
  • Keep Discount code engine
  • Creating web pages and blogs.
  • Track customer and order details
  • Accept payments from 70 different payment processor
  • Manage multiple staff login, so if you have staff helping you, you can grant them different permission levels to help you manage your online shop

Summing Up:

For a great Shopify store, bringing the right people onto your team makes all the difference in your project. By Hiring a Shopify Expert, you are taking the risk out of that coin flip. Because Experts bring a level of maturity to your store, so you can rise to the level of success you have always aimed for.

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