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Medical Marijuana Revolutionizes Musculoskeletal Treatment for Patients in Florida

My Florida Green August 9, 2021

Pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions can be severe, unbearable, and often debilitating. For many patients, their diminishing mobility, the severity of pain, and decreased productivity, can also result in grave emotional and mental health consequences. The following data, from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, is groundbreaking for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.  

The majority of musculoskeletal patients who have tried medical marijuana report that it is more effective than other pain medications. Unlike synthetic pain medications that carry a list of dangerous side effects, medical marijuana is healthier, safer, and contains no addictive properties. Therefore, the fact that marijuana is also more effective is an incredible discovery.

It would be a wise, and potentially life-changing decision, for these patients to try medical marijuana. Marijuana has the potential to help relieve the pain caused by these conditions and often provides additional benefits. Many patients in Florida admit that they are unsure of how to take advantage of this revolutionary treatment. 

The Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Conditions:

According to the World Health Organization, there are 1.71 billion people worldwide who are suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. Of these, low back pain is the most prevalent, with over 568 million sufferers, and leading disability claims in 120 countries.

These numbers are projected to continuously increase for the next several decades due to the numbers of aging populations.

Musculoskeletal Conditions:

Musculoskeletal conditions affect millions of Americans and affect the muscles, nerves, cartilage, tendons, joints, and spinal discs. The majority of these conditions are driven by genetic, circumstantial, and environmental factors.

A person’s line of work plays a huge role in many cases of musculoskeletal injuries. Laborious work is notorious for causing injuries to all of the previously mentioned affected areas. This can include contractors, construction workers, factory workers, athletes, farmers, and more.

Examples of common musculoskeletal conditions include:

·       Tendonitis

·       Muscle, Tendon, or Ligament Strains

·       Carpal Tunnel

·       Thoracic Outlet Compression

·       Trigger Finger

·       Degenerative Disc Disease

·       Ruptured Discs

This is because the repeated motion to joints puts an enormous workload on the body. The body can suffer from painful conditions at an accelerated rate if bad postures and poor ergonomics are performed in one’s line of work. 

There are avoidable factors that contribute to the development of musculoskeletal issues. These can include:

·       Poor Hydration, Nutrition, and Fitness

·       Smoking, Drinking, and Other Poor Health Habits

·       Poor Rest and Recovery 65% of ortho patients have reported interest in trying medical marijuana for their unique conditions. Unfortunately, many patients delay marijuana treatment because they are unsure which types to try, what dosages, and are not sure if it would be effective for their specific condition.

Patients Reveal Their Experience with Marijuana:

Patients have revealed that medical marijuana has changed the way they treat the pain caused by their chronic muscle and skeletal issues.

90% of patients who use Medical Marijuana for their musculoskeletal conditions say that it provides effective pain relief.

 57% of patients report that marijuana works more effectively than synthetic pain medications. 40% of these patients report that marijuana has helped them decrease, or eliminate, their use of other drugs.

Effectiveness in Types of Marijuana Medication:

The only way for a patient to discover if marijuana would help with their unique condition is to simply try it. 

The most common type that patients use is CBD oil, due to its minimal side effects and the ease of acquiring it. Patients who prefer CBD oil enjoy it because they say it helps with their pain, without the euphoria of THC products.

Patients with severe pain report that the most effective relief is obtained by ingesting marijuana containing both of these active compounds. These include loose marijuana buds, capsules, concentrates, edibles, drops, and more.

Benefits of Marijuana:

The burden of chronic pain puts a patient at risk for several severe issues, including depression, anxiety, obesity or malnutrition, and insomnia. Fortunately, marijuana has demonstrated benefits that combat these issues.

In addition to providing a decrease in muscular and skeletal pain, patients also report several other benefits from treatment, including:

·       Increased Energy

·       Higher Levels of Productivity

·       Improved Outlook on Life

·       Better Quality of Sleep

·       Improved Mobility

·       Weight Management These benefits have been incredible and life-changing for those who have long suffered from painful musculoskeletal disorders.

How Ortho Patients are Getting Certified for Marijuana

Orthopedic specialists acknowledge that marijuana is having wonderful effects on their patients. The problem is that most orthopedic surgeons cannot legally prescribe this type of alternative medicine. Purchasing marijuana requires approval from a specialized provider. This provider, known as a medical marijuana doctor, is required to deem marijuana appropriate for treatment.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card is a fast process for patients who choose the right agency. My Florida Green has created an enhanced process that is provided certification in as little as 10 to 14 days in just a few simple steps.

  1. New patients establish care by filling out an intake form online and meeting with a marijuana doctor near their location. My Florida Green has physicians in Miami, Sarasota, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and other cities throughout the state who are accepting new patients.
  2. At the initial visit, the physician will review your health history, current symptoms, and decide if marijuana may be a beneficial treatment option for your unique symptoms.
  3. If it is decided to be an appropriate option, the marijuana doctor will fax their recommendation to the state.

In less than two weeks, new patients will receive their approval via an email that will include instructions to complete their registration. Once complete, patients are then free to print out a temporary card that allows them to buy marijuana medications at dispensaries.

My Florida Green Provides Honest, Effective Care:

My Florida Green is the only agency that patients in Florida trust to provide them with this specialized treatment. This is because of their honest mission, compassion values, and effective methods of providing patient care.

Their network of qualified physicians operates with the mission to help every patient who may benefit from marijuana get the certification they need to purchase it.

They are also genuine in their goals of helping every patient obtain relief as quickly as possible.

Which medications will be effective is not something that a doctor can determine in an office visit. The only way to discover which medication will work best for your specific body chemistry and condition is through experimentation.

For this reason, My Florida Green never limits which type, or what amount, of marijuana that patients can purchase. This gives patients the freedom and opportunity to discover effective relief faster than with other limiting doctors.

Contact My Florida Green Today:

My Florida Green understands that many patients have given up on trying new treatments, for fear of undergoing another ineffective treatment, which can often result in further disappointment. My Florida Green urges all patients who are suffering from chronic pain to reach out to their team for help. Give the miraculous benefits of marijuana a chance to provide you with relief. With so many options available, there is likely to be a form of marijuana that is effective for every patient. 

They have helped hundreds of thousands of patients who once felt the same hopelessness about their symptoms, obtain the relief that they never believed possible. 

Visit online to get in touch with a compassionate patient advocate who can help you navigate the world of medical marijuana, and get started on the route to a happier, healthier, and pain-free lifestyle.

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