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Mobile Apps Vs. Web Apps: What’s The Difference?

shivtechnolabs October 2, 2020

Web Application can be accessed via a web browser through the internet. Web Development is the building and maintenance of websites. Through web app works are to be done behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast & perform well with an amazing user experience.

Generally Web Development is divided into Back-End Development that sis for server-side and front-end development for the user side. A native application is developed for specific mobile platforms. You can directly install it on the device by downloading from the play store or App store. Because native apps are designed & developed for specific use on particular platforms results in a fast performance & high degree of reliability.

Native applications can easily access the address book, Smartphone camera, & other devices that increase its functionality ultimately. Few native apps enable users to use the application without an internet connection.

Generally, there are two main types of applications such as mobile base apps and web-based apps, here we are going to discuss the major differences between them in detail.


Mobile App Development– Mobile applications are built for specific platforms such as iOS or Android and it can be easily accessible from anywhere. A mobile application can access multiple system resources on your device such as calendars, GPS, and without any internet connection, they can function easily.

Web App Development- First of all a web application needs an internet connection, but you don’t have to install it. You can operate it from within your browser and update it easily. Many times it is difficult to find web apps because they are not located on the app store.


Mobile App Development – Mobile apps are more expensive compare to web apps because a mobile app is developed for numerous operating systems and that adds several steps to build processes on different platforms such as Android & iOS.

Web App Development- Web applications are less expensive compare to mobile applications. It is developed for a website and requires less time and money, but it looks the same as mobile applications. Web apps are a time saving and cost-effective development process for your business.


Mobile App Development– Mobile applications are more secure compare to web applications because they are housed right on your device as opposed to web apps.

Web App Development- Web applications are not secure they are vulnerable due to house on the internet. You can easily update and maintain web apps because they don’t deal with multiple platforms such as mobile apps.

At Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd we help you to decide which is best suited for you and your business. Our web application development and mobile application development services are all purpose-built & tailored to fulfill your business requirements.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Apps And Web Apps

Now that we have understood from above details the difference between Mobile Application Development and web application development, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Advantages Of Web Applications:

  • Web Applications don’t require to be installed or downloaded, it simply functions in the browser.
  • Web applications have a common codebase that makes it easy to maintain.
  • Web applications can easily update themselves.
  • Web application is easy and fast to build and develop compare to mobile applications.
  • Web application can be launched directly; it doesn’t require any application store approval.

Disadvantages Of Web Applications:

  • Web application doesn’t work offline.
  • In terms of features web application is less advanced and also slower compare to mobile applications.
  • Web applications are not stored on a specific database such as the app store.
  • Web application does not guaranty you the quality and security of your app development project.
  • Advantages of Mobile Applications:
  • Mobile application provides you faster performance compared to the web application.
  • Mobile application can easily access any device and system resources like GPS and camera.
  • Mobile applications can easily function without an internet connection.
  • Mobile apps must be approved by the app store that’s why it has increased its safety and security.
  • With the availability of developer tools, SDKs, & interface elements mobile application development is easy.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Applications:

  • Mobile applications are more expensive compare to the web applications.
  • Mobile application is expensive to maintain & update.
  • Designing & building the mobile application from scratch is generally needed to be compatible with multiple platforms such as Android & iOS.
  • Many times it’s difficult to get approved by app store for native mobile applications.

From above, it is clear that the choice between a web application and mobile application depends on the project goals & requirements. So hopefully, you are clear about the difference between mobile applications and web applications. If you have projects that required to be completed, we are here to help you as a trusted Web And Mobile App Development Company.

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